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The Eastern Partnership under strain – time for a rethink?
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The latest political events placed the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region under huge scrutiny taking into account the latest tensions between the Euro-Atlantic community and Russia. EaPpeal aims at unpacking the region’s future perspectives by trying to look into the implications of the ongoing events on the effectiveness of the EaP. It seeks to make a contribution to the current debate by answering critical questions: Does EU’ transformative power still appeal to the EaP region? Could the EU still reach out to the EaP countries? EaPpeal stems from the Centre for European Studies, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (CSE-UAIC)’s strong interest in the field of European Studies and from its desire to raise awareness about the implications of the current challenges from the EaP region over the role of the EU. We consider the need to set out a new strategy vis-à-vis the post-Soviet states of Eastern Europe both urgent and salient and for that we have envisaged events, deliverables specifically for touching upon these issues. EaPpeal is a natural follow-up to the activities we have undertaken so far within CSE-UAIC. EaPpeal aims at adding value to our own research and dissemination efforts with regards to the EaP region. As such, EaPpeal is intended, first, to be one most visible projects dedicated to the EaP region in both size and scope. We will, thus, seek to promote European Studies by addressing and pooling resources from various target groups – academia, young researchers, civil society and policy-making field both from the EU and the EaP countries and Russia. Second, by publishing our findings we aim at providing answers to the EaP region’s future perspectives from a triple angle: theoretical, empirical and policy-making. Third, we aim at the establishment of a network of experts (from EU/EaP states and Russia) who will jointly commit to produce valuable expertise and contribute to creating a new generation of young specialists in European Studies.