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The development project for an innovative 3D virtual team-training maritime safety simulation platform to meet the latest EU safety requirements for sea and seafarers’ emergency response training (TeamSafety)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2010, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of this project is to design a 3D virtual and interactive team-training software platform to serve the seafarers’ safety training needs and to meet EC’s recent safety requirements, set up for the various maritime industries. The prototype to be delivered will be a distributed, scalable, collaborative interactive simulation environment that will enable training of seafarers. The proposed system will avoid the simulation paradigm where the trainee selects one of a number of pre-set drill-oriented choices at a predictable decision point. Instead, using an interactive games paradigm, the trainees will be able to practice situation and cue assessment, problem diagnosis, decision making and action coordination, proactive response to a critical incident. The realistic 3D virtual replica would enable trainees to act, see, issue commands, cooperate and communicate as if they were physically onsite. The proposed training platform will increase the proper emergency preparedness of the ship crew and will create a highly increased level of safety consciousness. The system will provide maritime training centres with the opportunity to train more efficiently seafarers from the various maritime sectors, thus enabling various stakeholders, i.e. European Shipowners, to meet the strict legislative requirements adopted by EU in regards to maritime safety e.g. the ISM Code. Developing advanced skills and competences among seafarers in relation to emergency responses will enable them to prevent unsafe situations, and prepare for effective actions when incidents occur. This will not only minimize the possibility of business interruption and loss of property, thus reducing the economic loss, but will also have a massive impact on preserving the European marine environment by reducing the oil spills in the sea and most importantly decreasing significantly the chances of sustaining injuries and loss of human life.



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