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The development of organisation and quality assurance of emergency attendance in the regions of Makó and Arad (SÜRMA)
Date du début: 31 mars 2010, Date de fin: 30 mars 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The transit traffic between Arad and Mako has increased dramatically with the accession of Hungary and Romania to the European Union. Consequently, the number of accidents is regrettably increased as well. The number of emergency attendances is increasing as well in both countries due to the ageing population. Both parties are lacking the system to develop protocols for emergency cases. Furthermore they are lacking special elements of quality assurances and also the certain know-how of these elements. In 2006-2007 the hospitals of Mako and Arad have already carried out a successful common INTERREG Ill/A project in the field of emergency attendance. The current project is the continuation of the previous cooperation. The project is improving the professional and safety level of the emergency attendance in the region of Mako and Arad, as well. Both organisations improve also its educational base, and the level of professional knowledge. Furthermore the better quality of emergency attendance will help in both regions to provide better quality of life for the inhabitants and the number of saved lives will increase as well.The general objective of the project is improvement of the quality and safety of the emergency attendance.Target groups: doctors, medical staff.The main specific activities of the project are: training of tutors in the field of profession, quality assurance, economics and quality issues; set up protocols for the 15 most common clinical pictures; train medical staff in the field of emergency cases with the help of the trained tutors; two training sessions (consisting five days each) for the staff working in emergency attendance, Hospital of Arad; train 20 tutors during the sessions in Mako (these 20 tutors will hand on the acquired knowledge to 80 medical staff in Arad); validate previously developed protocols on a consensus conference; develop educational equipment related to the programme. Main results: increased level of services of emergency attendance; increased number of medical staff with special know-how; 15 protocols (that is best in practice) for the 15 most common clinical pictures.



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