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The Colors Behind the Rainbow
Date du début: 18 juin 2014, Date de fin: 17 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“The Colors Behind Rainbow” is multilateral youth exchange project which has the aim of raising the tolerance towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender- LGBT people among project participants but also among the people from the community of Lodz, Poland. The project idea was borne by youngsters from Poland that placed as high top recommendation for society development the implementation of projects promoting an open attitude towards sexual orientation, tolerance and the increase of antidiscrimination measures taken by the authorities, schools, organisations. During 9 days, together with youngsters from different cultural and social environments, we want to share a story about tolerance and acceptation, to enhance knowledge about the LGBT situation in Poland and in other countries when it comes to discrimination in its all type of expressions (from aggressive behavior to fake tolerance), to promote equality among people, regardless of their sexual orientation, to create tools for increasing self-esteem and self-acceptance among the LGBT community and to create an idea of possible partnership between the LGBT organisations for support and collaborations for future projects. Exchange will take place between 18.07.2014 and 27.07.2014, will gather 25 participants and group leaders, hosted in Poland and will be the result of cooperation with partners from Spain, Turkey, Belarus, Armenia. Methodological approach of this project is based on experiential learning concept. Group work, drama exercises, creative thinking, simulations and intercultural learning activities will be used to inspire participants and provide them motivating framework for work. The visible outcome of the project will be a street action, the public campaign “The Colors Behind Rainbow” that will take place in the last days, in front of the local community from Lodz. Our project would have reached it’s aim if we manage to raise people’s tolerance towards LGBT persons and to make them aware of the negative impact that discrimination of all types affects the well being of the whole society. We believe that the effects of the project will be more visible in time for the participants and for the people getting in contact with our project, because these still sensitive topics require time to be assimilated and shared. Nonetheless we believe in our important step in creating a more open society, with freedom of expression and equality of changes and therefore we encourage the wide dissemination of our project results.



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