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The archipelagos logistical networks and hubs (Skärgårdens logistiska nätverk och knutpunkter)

he states role in the development of maritime traffic in the archipelago has increased inrecent years. This development, however positive, has led to a decrease in attention to theinfrastructure which under all circumstances makes it possible for interested parties andcompanies as well as the municipal services in the archipelago to move about within the region.The projects first goal was to, with the help of current directories and materials,present a comprehensive picture of the logistical network in the entire Archipelago Sea.The second stage of the project aimed to verify and strengthen the overall picture createdin the first stage. This was done in cooperation with leading municipal authorities, electedofficials and business representatives.The goal of the project was to investigate both existing and potential networks, telematicor traditional, as well as the central elements affecting the networks hubs, with the intentto combined telematic networks with traditional logistical networks, on land and at sea.At the same time, a requirements analysis was performed concerning logistical networks.The opinions of the local population, businesses and administration were collectedregarding how to optimally improve the development. The Stockholm archipelago wasused as a reference frame for development of the logistical network. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.



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