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The analysis of innovation and cooperation ability and development opportunities of SMEs in the Hungarian-Romanian cross border area (InCoDeSME)
Date du début: 14 nov. 2009, Date de fin: 13 déc. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Cross-border areas can be considered as peripheral regions where small and medium sized enterprises can be the main drivers of growth and employment generation. Previous studies have pointed out that the cooperation ability and innovation potential of these enterprises is not adequate. Supporting the cooperation between SMEs, universities and local policy makers contributes to the improvement of innovation activity and competitiveness of the area.The general objective of the project is supporting the cross-border innovation and cooperation activity of SMEs and universities, increasing their competitiveness.Target groups: SMEs in the Hungarian-Romania cross-border area; local and regional policy makers, professionals working in the field of enterprise and regional development; researchers in entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development, academic sphere. The main specific activities and results of the project are: position papers and literature surveys; primer survey; study analysing the results of questionnaire survey in Romanian, Hungarian and English; communication and dissemination (leaflets, project homepage in Hungarian and Romanian, media articles); CD book containing ail research outputs; single database about the activities of SMEs in the cross border area; strong cooperation between young researchers from Timisoara and Szeged.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)
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