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The Academy
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Academy is a high-level quality, modular training course developed for youth workers active at the local or regional level in European Scouting and Guiding organizations. It aims to share knowledge, best practices and gain expertise in order to address these specific needs: · -Skills and employability // Youth work needs to ensure we help children and young people develop 21st century skills (including leadership skills) and embrace the potential of technology. The global recognition of these skills acquired is also needed as a complementary approach and therefore both external recognition and self-assessment of skills will be explored; -Entrepreneurship// Through developing the sense of initiative, taking responsibilities, scouting raised entrepreneurship spirit. Participants will be therefore equipped with more effective tools to enhance this dimension in the education proposal for young people. -Diversity and inclusion// how to rethink our educational proposal to adapt to specific needs of all learners as a way to ensure a better diversity of membership. -Participation of young people// how to strengthen youth participation in relevant policies The training course will involve 50 youth workers from 24 countries. It will be organised in Porto from the 28 October to 1st November 2014. The participants are all active members of their organizations, mostly volunteers and have an interest in gaining new competences to improve their personal and professional development. The training course is organized in a participatory way where all participants share expertise in different sessions, open spaces, forums and informal moments. The training course is a 4 days-long residential seminar, structured in three parallel learning paths. All the sessions are carried out with the support of non-formal education methodologies with a particular focus on peer learning. The project impact and results are feeding into a number of indicators supporting the quality of youth work and the personal and professional development of the youth workers. The desired impact of the project is to improve the capacity of youth workers in Scouting and Guiding to better respond to the needs and expectations of the youth target group of their reality. At European level, and in the mid/long-term, the project aims also at promoting the recognition of Youth NGOs as active contributors to development in society and as target group as recipient of meaningful support in achieving multiplying effect in society.



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