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Textile heritage - from the Wooden loOm Weaving to the Digital ARt
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The world textile industry is in a process of transformation from what it is today to looking back to what it has been in the past – new technologies, globalization and ecology are the three main forces that influence this process with the usual pressure on resources, markets for products and FASHION. At the same time, improving European educational and training system quality has been set as a key target in Europe’s strategy for becoming a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by 2020 (Council of European Union, 2010). As such specific goal to improve skills within the adult’s education are seen in a key role. In this context, “Textile heritage - from the Wooden loOm Weaving to the Digital ARt” (DARE2WOW) brings together 6 countries from all over Europe (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, the UK, Latvia & Greece) to support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices within the partnering organizations and Europe by implementing the project’s joint initiatives that promote cooperation, peer learning and exchange of experience at European level in the area of textile production and exploitation. There are many methods for general improvement of adults’ manual skill on the market; however, there is clearly a lack of model that identifies the capabilities (knowledge, skills and insights) to fill skill gaps in the area of textile production. There is a need for more flexible learning process - one that uses the innovative access to new technologies and peer-learning opportunities opposite to any of the few existing laborious and increasingly demanding educational programs of the formal education that stress on complexity and difficult terms with little connection to the two subject – manual work and digital capability. “Textile heritage - from the Wooden loOm Weaving to the Digital ARt” (DARE2WOW) project proposes a flexible and collaborative method, processes and tools for adults to increase their skill, knowledge and insights in their own pace and within their own understanding. The project promotes and strengthens the European cooperation while designing and piloting a new model, new tools and a new virtual platform between the partnering institutions but also for free access to all stakeholders to learn, develop and create a new understanding of the textile industry where technology, globalization and ecology are part of their textile production and exploitation. This will also be a space for discussing, trying and learning along the new concepts that could potentially improve one’s life and bring prosperity and wellness while keeping eyes on the objectives, learning from others’ experience and stimulating reflectivity on the possibilities that are out there when finding its place within the large textile industry. The project creates a tool for finding the best possible partners when looking for courses for adults, as well as a place for networking, sharing experiences, information and best practices. The project implementation is based on common activities: conducting six transnational meetings that will be attended by representatives and experts from all participating countries; developing research and analysis on the methods used by the formal and in-formal education for adults in the participating country – shared experiences and case studies of good practice; developing a training module based on the Curriculum for Adults Education. The project derives from the experiences and actual needs distinguished in the partnering organizations to develop an adult educational tool and as such exploits the project results directly during its implementation. Thus the final result is to offer its beneficiaries an innovative tool that is well equipped to be directly applied in everyday life starting from the era of the digital art and going back to the way of wooden-loom weaving.



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