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Test of advanced lubrication equipment (LubSEP)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2012, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Oil consumption by aero-engines is a major concern for both ecological and autonomy reasons. The air-oil separation technologies (de-oiler and de-aerator) have been long time enherited from past generation engine architectures. Based on current oil system requirements (oil consumption, mass, compactness, reliability) and technologies (brush and lift carbon seals), ULB-ATM and his partners will develop hardware for advanced oil separation equipment, build them and test them to validate the technology. These tests require also the development of specific instrumentation and measurement devices in order to carachterise properly the equipment.The partners will more specifically perfom the following activities:1. Design and test a centrifugal blower (order of magnitude of the working point: air flow rate of 200 m3/h with a delta pressure of 10 kPa with a rotational speed of 12.000 RPM.2. Design and test a demonstration unit of an air quality measurement device. The measurement device should measure the low oil quantity (order of magnitude: 0,1 l/h) in an air flow (order of magnitude: 200 m3/h).ULB-ATM will adapt its current test benches for lubrication equipment to the new requirements imposed by this application. All tests will be performed with the double objective of validating the design of the lubrication components as well as characterizing their performance with the qualification requirements in mind.ULB-ATM has already a full qualification of its test benches (obtained from Techspace Aero) for his ""clean oil"" lubrication test bench and his ""polluted oil"" lubrication test bench."



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