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Tenerife: Moda y Belleza para Europa
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Tenerife: Fashion and Beauty for Europe" project aims to promote the European mobility of students in VET, by conducting the training in workplaces in companies in the European environment. The overall objective is the improvement of skills within school-work, which represents a learning opportunity increasingly present in our school reality. Conducting mode flexible and equivalent learning under the cultural and educational profile, linking classroom training with practical experience in business is desirable. Thus it is intended that we meet every day closer to the current job market. Another objective of the project is the training of teachers of the Integrated Vocational Training Centre CIFP Las Indias. The project participants are willing to improve the quality of learning services and training workers to meet the needs of the labor market, as they have to improve their general educational skills continuously. Project participants are 10 young people aged between 17 and 35, two professional families: Personal Image and Textile, Garment and Leather and 5 teachers from the same families. Are divided into four streams of students: 1) 2 Hair and Beauty students for a period of four weeks in Parnu (Estonia). At school Pärnu County Vocational Centre of these students will be trained in workshops and companies in the area. Also a teacher for a week. 2) 2 pupils of apparel and fashion for a period of eight weeks in Valga (Estonia). At school Valga County Vocational Training Centre these students will be trained in workshops and business environment. Also a teacher for a week. 3) For the third flow have two host partners. Two public vocational schools with whom we have worked for several years. One of the schools so students Hairdressing and other beauty students. The two are in the same city, Ljubljana, so we can send 2 students and 2 hairdressing beauty. In addition two teachers for a week. 4) two students of Barbering and Cosmetology Hair for a period of four weeks in central Alytus vocational training center of Alytus (Lithuania). Also a teacher for a week. All training courses are 2000 hours (LOE) that perform the FCT April to June (346 hours). We discovered some schools teaching very similar to ours, and is also well public schools. Not easy to find centers in Europe similar to ours. We believe that in these five centers our students can improve their learning and acquiring new skills. Objectives: • To achieve maximum linguistic adaptation of students. • Increase the expertise of our students. • Promote the exchange of professional experiences. • Promoting mobility of students / as in Europe promoting the rapprochement of cultures. • Contribute to the subsequent employability. Canary, a place of visit many European needs to foster the learning of different languages. The project is needed because participants learn to relate to and work with professionals from other cultures within their professional sector. An objective of the teachers is that during the visits will become familiar with the improvement of the educational environment and the recommendations of the innovative methods of implementation of vocational training, based on the experience of foreign countries. Group work will help to combine the attitudes and ideas in order to reach a common agreement among them, developing tolerance towards different attitudes. The project participants exchange experience with colleagues from abroad, improve their professional and language skills. By comparison and exchange of methodological and didactic methods and strategies, teachers expand their skills in programming modern school tours and quality. The learning abroad will help develop a sense of European citizenship based on understanding, respect for cultural diversity, also for learning foreign languages.



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