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Ten incredible months in Vilaka municipality
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Volunteer service Project „Ten incredible year in Vilaka municipality” will held 14 months from 1st August, 2015, till 1 October, 2016. European volunteer will work 314 days (from 01.09.2015. till 10.07.2016.) in Vilaka municipality. Applicant is nongovernmental (NGO) organization „Dardedze”. The cooperation partners of the Project in Latvia are Šķilbēni initiative centre „Zvaniņi”, Viļaka youth initiative centre, Medņevas youth initiative centre „Sauleszieds” and the organizations „aha Tipps und Infos für junge Leute” and "Malik Cultural Association" are the collaboration partners from Germany and Italy. The project implementation place is Vilaka municipality. The Project activities will be organized at Rekova village (Šķilbeni parish), at Viļaka town and Semenova village (Medneva parish). The support of Erasmus + program for this project will be 114207,00 EUR. The project budget consist of unit costs for travel costs, individual support (the pocket money for volunteer), language teaching and organizational support (which include accommodation, catering costs and ecetra costs). The main themes of the project are: Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy); Creativity and culture; Health and wellbeing. The main target of the project are to bring European breath in the small and distant Vilaka area, attracting the European volunteers, that diversify the creative activities in the youth centers and to give the opportunity to use foreign languages every day and introduce other culture. The main tasks of the volunteers are to organize the activities for youngsters, to give the opportunity for youngsters attending and taking part in unusual activities. These activities will be organized based on informal educational principles, learning by doing, learning from each other. Together gathered emotions, organized events remain in memory longer than the formal seminars at the school. The objective of the activities is to give young people in Viļaka area to learn new skills as discussions in English, German and Italian language learning, socializing with foreigners. The project results will spread on webpages, and The project implementation will evaluated during meetings and filling the evaluation forms. European volunteers will evaluated their knowledge gained during the project by filling Youth Pass and writing CV according with Europass standards.



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