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TEN 3: Transnational Ecological Network III (TEN 3)
Date du début: 25 févr. 2003, Date de fin: 29 avr. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TEN 3 aimed to create an ecological network of wetland habitats in the North Sea area and to support and implement interdisciplinary concepts for the restoration of wetland systems. This took into account the integral ecosystems and the implementation of projects in the spatial planning of the regions involved. Achievements: The main achievement of TEN 3 was a sustainable approach where ecological design, water management, spatial planning and economic development of rural areas have all been taken into account for development of ecological corridors. Simultaneously this is so far a unique element on ecological design. Guided by the regional perspective of the ESDP and the NorVision TEN 3 has concentrated on implementing cross border thinking into spatial planning.Several innovative and appealing projects have been carried out to create ecological corridors on regional and transnational level in the Netherlands, Germany and UK. For example, the prime project of TEN 3 was the project Runde (NL) along the watercourse Runde, which is a part of the corridor between the Natura 2000 sites 'Dollard' and 'Bargerveen'. The project involved main authorities and governmental organisations. Main achievements were measures to reconstruct and revitalise the former water course in a more ecological way, which included benefits for freshwater resources as well as economic benefits in horticulture. Moreover the construction of a walk trail along the course enhanced environmental tourism opportunities.



  • 50%   2 002 000,00
  • 2000 - 2006 North Sea Region
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

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