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Date du début: 14 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 13 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Ten:10 is YMCA Exeter's internship programme and it exists to give young adults hands on experience of the Christian charity sector. Run over an 11 month period it combines practical placements with regular training and reflection. Our hope is that the Ten:10 programme will lead to an increased awareness of injustice, poverty and socioeconomic deprivation and through it a generation of young people will be motivated to combat social inequality and poverty through practical action. Each year we take up to three EVS volunteers who will join a team of three UK based volunteers on the Ten:10 team. Ten:10 places young people in all four of YMCA Exeter's main projects, either as part of 1) a 'multi-stream' placement, allowing volunteers to gain experience in 2-3 of different projects or as 2) a 'project specific' placement, whereby volunteers only gain experience in one area. We currently run four main projects at YMCA Exeter: i) A Supported Housing project, this project houses and supports 31 previously homeless young people between the ages of 18-29. ii) Youth Work, we run drop-in youth clubs in areas facing rural and urban deprivation and work in local schools with young people at risk of exclusion. In 2014-15 we worked with over 300 young people, many of which came from families facing multiple points of disadvantage/deprivation eg. unemployment, mental health issues, family breakdown. iii) Prison project, we work in the local prison teaching a life skills course and support men coming out of prison as they are reintegrated into the local community. In 2014-15 we worked with over 100 prisoners. vi) Job Club project, we provide support for people with complex and multiple needs trying to get into work, a number of these Job Clubs are tailored to support marginalised young people. In 2014-15 we worked with over 300 people. Through active participation in these projects the Ten:10 programme hopes to promote a care-ethic whereby each participant involved places personal value on humility and compassion and a holistic person-centred approach to working with people, especially young people, on the margins of socio-economic society. Through Ten:10 we hope the YMCA can continue to serve local communities and empower individuals to making a lasting difference to communities. For more information please see:



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