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Temel Eğitimde Erken Okul Terkinin Önlenmesi ve Yabancı Dil Öğretiminin Desteklenmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Saimbey Primary School has not participated in an EU project before.We have a potential to do an EU project.We organise a project team in order to participate in school staff mobility.If we have chance to do our project, lots of students,tecahers and parents will share our responsibilities. Under the Erasmus+ Project process our staff will improve and refresh the methods and approachees used in teaching and training in order to better motivate the students to finalize the compulsory education, to be aware about the teaching methods of teaching foreign languages in primary schools and to see good practice examples in this respect. In the mean time, the experience abroad will help our staff to improve its foreign language skills and competencies and to gain specific terminology related to the project topic. Our project will last 24 months. 7 teacher will join the project mobilities. 6 teacher will get the How to motivate students to finalize their compulsory education in Holland.One English teacher will participate in a job shadowing project in order to share her/his experiences with colleagues for a better language teaching atmosphere in our school. During the project time we will work with media and local actors to accomplish impact and dissemination works of the project.We will use social media tools from the beginning to the end in order to share our experiences and gains with the other colleagues and institutions.The information and experiences acquired with the project , will be shared in the School Board, the school web site and facebook accounts as dissemination activity. Thus, the teachers, students and parents will be informed besides many people. Under the project process, we will acquire developed basic skills and multilingualism in all fields of education and training, using innovative and student-centred pedagogical approaches and developing appropriate assessment and certification methods, based on learning outcomes. Consequently we can say that, with the support of Erasmus + Project we will develop educational capacities and produce graduates; self-confident, qualified, well-educated, entrepreneur generations in the happy and welfare European Society.We will be good models to our primary school students about being self-confident and being a part of European Citizenship.



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