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Telo jek Kham! Under the same sun!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This international creative and artistic youth exchange created a space of creativity for 37 young Roma and non-Roma from 6 European countries with a special focus to strengthen the understanding of the Roma genocide during WW II among Roma and non-Roma youth. During 9 days the young people had an opportunity to work on their own stories and visions of empowerment based on their own experiences of discrimination and social inclusion using a wide range of creative and artistic actions by working together as a team. The project raised awareness about the Roma holocaust through creative methods, strengthening the intercultural dialogue between Roma and non-Roma youth, as well support the long-term cooperation and exchange between Roma and non-Roma Youth organizations. The whole project was based on a process-oriented and inclusive approach in which the participants were the ones who shaped the final product according to their ideas. In cooperation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, RROMA managed to get copies of the handbook for education of young people about the Roma genocide called "Right to remember" which was distributed among the participants and used during the exchange. Also, as activity in frame of the youth exchange, the documentary "A people uncounted" was screened, following a debate and answering the raised questions of the participants. The participants from Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Germany had an opportunity to discuss Human rights, learn and feel discrimination, as well what does it mean to be privileged, getting information about the Roma genocide during WWII and visit the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Skopje. The product of the project was a public presentation during the 10-th of December, International Human Rights day in the House of Culture in Kratovo, Macedonia. The project managed to raise the self-awareness and self-esteem of the young people, and gave them the capacity to express themselves during the presentation. What is worth to mention is the process of empowerment that took place, encourage the young participants to get engaged in society and make their voices heard. Art and theater are a low threshold means for involving young people with fewer opportunities which can stimulate them to involve in further activities. This project promotes a positive image of Roma as active citizens and was dedicated to strengthen trust, mutual respect and joint engagement of young Roma and non-Roma. With this project, RROMA managed to increase the knowledge and sensitivity among young Europeans on the topics of Human Rights, Roma Genocide and Antigypsyism. Also, the project increased awareness of the young Roma about the topic and their active citizenship, resulting in organizing community workshops in their own community about the Roma genocide and spreading the information received on the exchange further. The workshops followed after the youth exchange was over, demonstrating the strong impact it had on the participants (;



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