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Tell me EuroMed
Date du début: 25 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 24 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Tell me EuroMed is a Youth Exchange that will take place in Palermo (IT) from the 3rd to the 11th of November 2015. It is coordinated by Maghweb in partnership with the French association YAN, the Spanish association Camaleón Rojo and MI-HI For Training And Development, social enterprise based from Alexandria (Egypt). The project emerged from the dialogue with young people who live in our area and from their strong demand for participation in transnational educational activities regards to the topic, and from some studies on researches about the inclusion of the Arab-Muslim component in European participatory processes. The research has shown that many young people of Arab-Islamic culture wish to reinforce their Euro-Mediterranean relations and to promote dialogue between their cultures. At the same time the young Sicilians have also claimed their great interest to be more involved in these processes and to gain a broaden knowledge of Mediterranean cultures. Maghweb has merged these needs, combining them with its desire to promote dialogue among the cultures of the Euro-Mediterranean area, in a time characterized by strong tensions related to the management of migration flows and to rising racism. During the identification phase of the project, we proceeded with the selection of issues most likely to stimulate the interest of young people in the participating countries. The results are that young people are very interested in communication because of its considerable expressive power and that it is a highly preferred sector by them when they consider to enter the job market and/or to get to know Mediterranean cultures. So we designed Tell me EuroMed: a project focused on the theme of communication, and active and conscious participation of youth in the society, aiming at the development of the Euro-Mediterranean relations. The objectives of the project are: to offer young people the opportunity to participate actively in the development of the Euro-Mediterranean relations and to build networks of contacts at a Mediterranean level; furthering their knowledge of Mediterranean cultures and strengthen the language skills; promote dialogue between cultures within and outside Europe, as well as the spread of democratic values and respect for cultural diversity; offer training opportunities for personal development of the individual through non-formal and informal methods; develop skills of intercultural communication between the participants; develop specific expertise in the field of communication, fostering the encounter between traditional cultures and the use of new media; promote innovation in education. The project will involve 24 young people aged between 18 and 30 years and four youth leaders who are interested in the theme of the euro Mediterranean relations, inter-culture and communication. The main activity of the project is a youth exchange which will use non-formal educational methods such as: group building activities and recreational moments; activities for the exchange of knowledge and experience on euro-Mediterranean relations; initiatives based on knowledge of local traditions and new media. The impact of the project will be the personal and professional growth of participants, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge on the topics covered. This impact will reach other stakeholders (young people, organizations, indirect beneficiaries) intersecting the various levels (local, national, European, international). The long-term benefits will be substantial due to the acquisitions listed above. The design of projects to be implemented in the future (last day activity) will open new collaboration scenarios contributing to greater dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area.



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