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Telecentre Multimedia Academy
Date du début: 1 nov. 2012,

The importance of media literacy in underlined by the recognition that the new economies will be dominated by digital technologies, and the human ability to use these technologies for social, cultural and economic advantage. New forms of technology that deliver digital content - be it entertainment or for commerce or for socio-cultural reasons - are crucial now to the way in which European society is expected to develop: media literacy becomes therefore essential for full participation in society. However, adult citizens, especially with disadvantaged backgrounds, age, economic status, are often media illiterate. Aside of isolated experiences, a learning programme on media literacy specifically designed for adult learners has not been developed so far. For this reason, TMA project aims at developing a learning opportunity on media literacy tailored on the needs adult learners, by providing a flexible, simply implementable, and modular pathway, easily transferrable and applicable for a range of diverse contexts and organization types. The learning pathway will be designed, developed together with learning materials for learners and teachers, piloted in real settings in 7 countries, and delivered in 8 languages in its final release. It will promote both media understanding and media production (audio-visual). It will include the design of a full programme, accessible at different levels of knowledge and skills, and aimed at enhance digital, social, civic competences, as well as cultural awareness and expression. 6 academies offering the learning opportunity on regular basis will be established by the end of the project. A wide dissemination and exploitation action will promote the adoption of the results among telecentres and adult education institutions in Europe.



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