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Teknoloji ve Eğitim: Tam Yeri Tam Zamanı
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We, as Selçuklu Anatolian High School, have earned a great regional recognition because of our experienced personnel strength, matriculation performance level, quality and efficiency of education. Education concept that we have in our school involves contiunity in innovation and sustainable progression, and also our goals are to attain internatinalization and EU standards. In 2012, our school started technological level education with FATİH project which provides background and network system to schools required for the technology that FATİH project offers. In addition, our school tries to maintain its quality which is provided for many years. Although there were information technologies background, some teachers and administrators could not use this technological background efficiently. Due to this reason, these teachers and administrators tried to integrate IT systems, installed as a part of FATİH project, in our education in 2013-2014 period. Since training programmes provided by the ministry are covered with technical data of information technologies’ tools, and education system which is based on rote-learning in our country such as ‘’ if you push this button, then this opens.’’, FATİH project’s real aim, that is, enhancing quality and efficiency of education, cannot be reached. In these days, we subsist techological era but our schools cannot use this technology. Therefore, education pattern cannot be integrated with technology and full-fledged education cannot be provided to students. Thus, quality of education goes around in circles instead of improvements and even, quality of education can regress in some areas. Our corporation wants to provide technological education life without sacrificing from education quality. For this purpose, our school prpoposes Key Action 1 – Mobility for School Staff project which is supported by European Commission and National Agency - Turkey. There are 4 mobility planned in our project content. 10 personnels will participate in Netherlands dynamism whereas, 8 personnels will be participating in Holland, Czech Republic and Germany Mobility Programmes. Total number of participants will be 34. This number of participants is the best since with this number, education can continue, educators which do not participate in project will not have extra burden and maximum level of utility is provided by foreing training. In the beginning of our project, a project department is constituted and this department will be responsible for project management. By this way, transparent and fair participant selection can be made. Educators and administrators which take in charge of project department will not participate in any mobility programmes since they take part in participation selection. Our head teacher which is in charge of quality and operation of education of our school, evaluate education efficiency and success rating will exclusivity participate every part of mobility. The agreed general criteria for participant selection is like follows; Participants must have at least intermediate knowledge of foreing language or they must accept to participate in a language training Participants must have at least bachelor’s degree Participants must have flight permission Participants must have knowledge of using computer, smartboard and tablet Participants must participate Information Technologies education which is provided by the ministry. The planned training activities in abroad are as follows; The Netherlands – Use of Information Technologies and Formation of Material Germany – Creativity and Basic Design Span – Teaching Methods with individualized ICT Tools Czech Republic – Information Technologies: Personally identifiable Analysis Methods Our project will be fulfilled in many stages which include writing a project, running a project, placement of project and final report. Within the one year, this project influence not only participants but also our corporation and target group. The staff which will take part in training will make a major contribution so that the project will reach its goals. Also, they will spread the impacts to their environment. Our projects do not base on personal benefit it is written on the purpose of corporate purpose. Thus, its impacts will offer an insight into the other schools whose corporate needs are similar to our school. With this project, the first step of educational reform is taken. Educators and administrators will develop themselves about Informative Technologies tools and this lead to enhance quality of education and by this way education will be intagreted with technology. Within the frame of sustainable information flow, for new and student based materials which depend on BT tools, organization of database is planned. Thanks to this database which will be introduced in the upcoming years, continuity of consequences of our projects and continuity gains of projects will be provided.