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Tekniikan museon näyttelyuudistus 2017 - museo aikuisten oppimisympäristönä
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The renewal of the exhibitions of the Museum of Technology – Museum as a learning environment for adults The Museum of Technology is the largest museum of technology in Finland. The aim of the museum in the coming years is to implement a large exhibition renewal which will bring about more visitors, recognition and greater impact on society. The goal of the mobility project is to prepare the museum for the exhibition renewal. And an integral part of the exhibition renewal is the new visitor service concept that will make the most of the museum’s extensive knowledge about visitor services. But new phenomenon based thinking and services are needed for the phenomenon based exhibitions. New visitor service concept aimed for the adult audiences will be developed in the mobility project. The phenomenon based exhibitions, workshops and new technologies will all be used in creation of this new concept. According to this broader service concept we will create service modules for different adult visitor segments. The development and experiences will be shared in the Finnish museum field. Networking on an international level has been done to some extent within ICOM’s subcommittee Cimuset for science and technology museums and the Nordic NSCF network (Nordic Science Center Forbund). But there are no connections with the British museums for example. This lack of connections is something the mobility project aims to fix. Five employees from the visitor service team of the museum will take part in the mobilities. The focal points of each of the mobilities has been designed according to the know-how, job description and the needs of the organization. The following aspects have been emphasized: audience outreach, development of a visitor service concept for adults and new learning methods, utilization of new technologies and workshops as adult services. Mobilities are carried out in the form of job shadowing for one to two weeks. The participants will produce and submit individual learning diaries that will be used to make a summary of the whole project. The learning diaries will be shared with the museum staff and the summary will be used in the further development work in the museum. During the periods of mobilities the participants will share their experiences in the museum facebook pages and in a joint blog of the mobilities project. The results will be communicated also in the Finnish Museum Association’s email list and in the seminars whenever possible. The mobilities will benefit participants in developing of their professional skills and professional identities and fostering work motivation. For the organization the project will give much needed new stimulus, perspectives and ideas for developing services for the adult visitor segments. All this will support the exhibition renewal. And the project will create networking possibilities and new contacts thus improving museum’s chances in participating in international joint ventures.