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Technology Development of Remote Phosphor for Avionic Cockpit Displays (DERPHOSA)
Date du début: 1 août 2012, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Avionic Displays are widely used in cockpits of all fixed wing aircraft and helicopters and show asteadily technology improvement over the years. The current avionic displays are using LiquidCrystal Displays (LCD) with LED Backlight assemblies. The benefits for the existing LEDbacklighting over previous solutions are well known: lower power consumption and more flatdisplay systems resulting in size and weight reduction. The quality of the cockpit display unit ishighly determined by the quality of the backlight unit.In order to overcome the disadvantages of RGB and white LED solutions, the DERPHOSAconsortium will develop technology for an avionics displays with a new advanced backlightconcept, based on Colour Conversion by Remote Phosphor. The objective of this project is toachieve substantial benefits on system simplicity, improving quality, reliability, power efficiency andreduction of supplier dependence and cost for development and maintenance/operations overlifetime.The proposed Advanced Remote Phosphor Backlight concept is an evolution of the current LEDbacklights based on RGB or white LED’s. By using a blue pump light source (LED) and adedicated external fluorescent phosphor layer (remote phosphor) the blue light will be converted toa very stable customized white light. The main scientific objective of the project will be theadaptation of the fluorescent phosphors to the wavelength of the blue pump light source, and thetuning of the fluorescent phosphors to the colour filter of the LCD, together with the total opticalbehaviour over lifetime.The project will evaluate and realize the remote phosphor backlight concept for both direct lit andedge lit application. To evaluate the feasibility, advantages and drawbacks of remote phosphor foreach application, two test set-ups will be realised, which will be integrated in existing Display Units(hardware/ software).



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