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Technological, emotional and linguistic literacy through music
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the European cooperation in education and training strategic framework “Europe 2020”the member states are invited to successfully integrate all learners into the education system, including those with special needs. The strategic objectives raised in this document speak not only of education for all, but accentuate innovations and creativity at all levels of education. However, not in all fields and countries these objectives are pursued equally . Since the project “TELL through music” aims to develop core competencies through the music as a tool to achieve the goal, the project partners, adult educators were selected so as to comply with all aspects of the project themes, be the experts in the field: language, IT and music. Since the result of the project is an intellectual product, we have selected partners of scientific direction and practical field. So, it is a multidisciplinary partnership, thanks to which the partners complement each other’s actions, collect new best practices, create innovative intellectual products and, with the help of scientists, evaluate and adapt it to adult education. In the course of preparation of the project, the partners have highlighted the general range of problems of the target groups – they consist of seniors coming across with difficulties in learning because of weakened sight and the disabled with vision deficiency. Thus, IT here could serve as a compensation technique, the attractive method of studying English language, arts, and the opportunity to develop the creativity and cultural awareness in adult education. The authors of the project discussed the ways of how to inspire and motivate those adults to lifelong learning and help them to improve their core competencies through artistic means. This implied the objectives of the project: To strengthen the motivation of adult learners to develop core competencies (IT and English language) using music as a didactic tool To renew the competencies of adult educators, music teachers, integrating IT and foreign language teaching methods in music education To improve training and education services provided by the adult education institutions by creative innovative methods, promoting cultural awareness of adults. After implementation of these objectives the intellectual products will be developed, based on an innovative method "TELL through Music." It is handbook, in which the artistic approaches, helping to improve the core competencies of adults, will be presented and scientifically based. Based on this book – textbook, the programme for adult educators, interactive material and qualification improvement courses will be developed and provided in the international qualifications improvement catalogue for adult educators.



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