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TechnologiaIKreatywność - TAK. ( TIK-TAK )
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project called “TechnologyandCreativity – YES” (in short: TIK-TAK) is to raise the level of the key competence and abilities of the school staff in the field of using the newest tools as well as information and communication technology, language competence and introducing the politics of school internationalization. The project refers to taking part in abroad educational mobilities/teachers’ training courses of the teachers of the Primary School No.1 in Raciborz, in order to develop their professional skills in three areas: improving language skills, introducing tools and the creative approach of ICT in education as well as elements of programming robotics during classes, creating an international image of our school, here the new approach of the school global politics. The schedule of activities in the field of the “TIK-TAK” project provides teachers with taking part in five kinds of trainings divided into six groups. The courses take part in the term from July 2015 to February 2017 and will concern the following issues: -developing English language skills on the elementary and intermediate level (two training mobilities to Oxford differentiated in the field of language advancement of twelve participants), -developing the competence in the field of using new tools and ICT, mainly the usage of tablets during classes (two mobilities to Portugal and Spain for seven participants), -robotics (one training mobility to Portugal for two teachers), -improvement in the field of internationalization and knowledge in introducing the strategy of the global school policy (one training mobility to the French areas for six pedagogues) The fields adjust to the long-term plan of the school’s professional development. There are 27 mobilities planned which include at least 19 teachers, this is about 40% of the teaching staff entity. Participation of representatives of different age groups, gender, different subject, special educators and specialists are foreseen. About 40% are representing the group of 45+, who are threatened to be burnout and to be excluded due to the low level of their language competence and the skills in the field of ICT. 37% are teachers of the early education. During the realization of the project, and still after it, there is going to be completed a group of teachers taking part in the training “How to make your school more global and international" which will elaborate the internationalization politics of the school activity. The document is one of the first results of the project, which at the same time it will be used as the tool of its dissemination in and outside the school areas. Those teachers are becoming leaders of component teachers' groups of different subjects in the field of implementation cooperation on the level of education. The internationalization politics is containing the development plan and implementation of the cooperation system of the educational entity of different level – teachers, local schools, partner schools in Europe and in the world. During on-line classes the teachers are taking part in the field of exchanging experience in work where the method “blended learning”, tablets/Smartphones, robotics, programmes, and English languge elements in the early educationare used. It is planned to write at least 19 lessonn scripts of innovative approach to teaching English language, science, teaching reading and writing, robotics, elements of programming. They are going to be evaluated. In order to disseminate the products the school’s webpage is going to be used. For special purposes in the field of school’s internationalization politics there is also planned establishing a platform of exchanging experience between arranged groups of partners. The groups of teachers cooperating in the field of innovative teaching methods of ICT and dissemination of English language will enter into school practice permanently and will modify teaching programs permanently.