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Technik Przyszłości - projekt stażowy dla elektryków i elektroników.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1. "Technician of the Future - a training project for electricians and electronics" - is a project formed in partnership between the Secondary Technical Schools of Electronics No 1 in Krakow and the German company Vitalis. 2. The beneficiaries of the project are 28 third-year students of technical profiles: technician- electrician and technician of electronics who will do an internship in the Vocational Training Centre in accordance with selected educational fields. 3. Apprenticeship will be held in Germany in the Vocational Training Centre. The partner is Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft fur Modellprojekte GmbH located in the Schkeuditz. The main objectives of the project: 1. Comprehensive training of professional competences and key competences (linguistic, social and civic, cultural awareness) of 28 students from technical school in order to prepare graduates to apply for higher education and for the future mobility and professional competition in the European Labour Market. 2. From the point of view of the recipient the main objective of the project is completion of the compulsory, scheduled apprenticeship in the Vocational Training Centre in Schkeuditz and improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational education. 3. To equalize opportunities for young people from rural areas. Additional objectives of the project: - The ability to look at the organization of work in German companies, - Comparison of education systems in European countries, - To obtain qualifications and skills confirmed by certificates Europass, ECVET - The development of professional and cultural interests, - Improvement of language skills in the technical language in German and English, - Improvement of language skills in everyday language, - Getting to know the culture of Germany, - Shaping the attitudes of tolerance and openness to cultural, ethnic and religious differences - Ability to co-operate in an international group, - Raising students’ self-esteem. 4. Promotion of the project is an excellent opportunity to encourage lower secondary school students to choose technical fields of study, especially such as electrics and electronics, which are becoming less popular while the market demand is growing. 5. The results of the project are also an excellent promotion of our school in the city and the region, which results in the recruitment process. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: ZSE will take care of the youth during the training, training coordination, merit aid, language support, care during trips to Berlin, Dresden, Halle and during travelling to Leipzig, organization of their free time, monitoring the course of internship and conduct the evaluation. The company VITALIS will organize receiving the group and 4-week practical training in workshops in Schkeuditz and cultural program. Planned results: successful completion of a 4-week apprenticeship of 28 students of ZSE, increase of students’ knowledge and skills in their professional field, increase of students’ German command – including professional vocabulary, growth of their soft skills, including skills in an international environment. This project will contribute to increase the chances of students to gain employment in the Polish and European labor market.



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