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Technical Assistance to Reinforce Governance in Environmental Tasks (TARGET)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2002, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background Serious environmental damage in Lebanon is the result of many years of civil conflict, lack of effective government control and very little public awareness. Achieving environmental improvement in Lebanon will require substantial changes in the implementation of basic governmental policies. The Ministry of Environment (MoE), which was set up by 1993, is able to establish and enforce national polices and to recommend implementation steps in co-ordination with other concerned agencies. However, the current structure of the MoE lacks many of the basic requirements to effectively handle the important responsibilities within its domain. Strengthening the administrative and management systems of the MoE while developing the skills of its employees will be very important steps towards the implementation of sound environmental policies in Lebanon. Objectives The overall objective of the project was to enhance the operational capabilities of the MoE in order to enable it to better achieve its goals. Specific objectives of the project included: • Strengthen the structure of the MoE to enable it to efficiently cope with and deal with tasks leading to environmental sustainability; • Improve the utilisation of human resources through targeted training aimed at upgrading management skills and capabilities and applying modern management practices and effective leadership practices; • Strengthen the corporate infrastructure of the MoE; and • Train MoE staff, NGOs, and consulting community on all skills needed for effective mobilisation of resources and fund raising for supporting efforts that ensure fulfilment of the Ministry’s mission. Results The project was instrumental in strengthening the administrative capacity of the Ministry of Environment, meeting its objectives and promoting its role in the Country. The key results of the project were the: • Design and implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMC) in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Standard. • Development of the MoE's business architecture, including IT goals, objectives, strategies and a plan for Implementation • Implementation of key elements of the IT Short Term Strategy that included follow up on the implementation of a Tracking Workflow System, the development of seven environmental databases, initiation of a GIS Needs Assessment Study, and the procurement of IT hardware according to the needs of the MoE. • Raised MoE staff awareness of the importance and effectiveness of performance improvement through the development of systems. A comprehensive staff performance appraisal system was implemented at the MoE. • Enhanced MoE's human resources through management and IT training, some of which were implemented in coordination with the relevant public sector agencies • Dissemination of information about the project’s progress to all MOE internal and external stakeholders. In the long term, a more efficient operation of the MoE will bring about improvements in the management of projects related to environmental protection in Lebanon. This will result in economic benefits to the national economy and reduce the cost of delays in decisions (for example, the securing of permits) affecting public and private investments. The sustainability of the project is ensured by the following: • A documented and implemented organisational structure with clear roles and responsibilities (issued by Ministerial decision); • A documented set of job descriptions, which will be (together with objectives periodically set) the basis for performance management (issued by Ministerial Decision); • A set of procedures documented and reviewed in line with the QMS; • An IT infrastructure developed, which enhances efficiency and support decisions; and • Trained well-oriented staff who perform in line with the mission and objectives of the Ministry.


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