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Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Theatre School Break" provides a meeting point of the innovative methods of forum theatre and other art forms with the educational system of Bulgaria which almost lacks any kind of creativity. Thus the project provides a prevention model of problems such as school aggressiveness and early dropping out.The activities will be realized at 3 educational institutions based on the territory of Stara Zagora and Radnevo municipalities. More than 500 children and youngsters are expected to be involved in the project, including minority groups (Roma and Turkish), economically deprived families, disabled youngsters and those living in remote rural areas. A minimum of 50% of all beneficiaries will belong to disadvantaged groups. A receiving organization from Bulgaria (acting as coordinating) as well as sending organizations from Hungary and Spain will be involved in the project. Totally 6 volunteers will participate in the mobility - 2 of them in long-term projects and 4 - in short term EVS. All the volunteers will be disadvantaged youngsters themselves. They will be trained in using the forum theatre method, presentation skills, working with digital and office equipment. The project will also offer them an intensive training in Bulgarian language. The basic activities will be organizing theatre and art workshops in the frame of the regional campaign "Theatre School Break". Besides enhancing the mutual understanding of three cultures, the campaign is and attractive model for stimulating tolerance and prevention of aggressiveness and, in a long-lasting aspect, will increase the children's interest at school activities preventing the school drop out.Other important elements of the project will be initiatives promoting volunteering (information days, discussion workshops) as well as thematic events for knowing different cultures - culinary exhibitions, souvenirs workshops, etc.



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