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Театралната игра в обучението/преподаването на чужд език като средство за поддържане на езиковото многообразие в ПГИ
Date du début: 17 août 2015, Date de fin: 16 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Тhis project is aimed at implementing of the theatre activities in the foreign language teaching as a means of stimulating, activating and motivating students to study foreign languages. The project is initiated by Vocational High School of Economics "G.S.Rakovsky", Yambol. The target languages are English and French. The project is subjected to the following specific objectives of Erasmus+ Programme: - to support the modernisation of educational and training systems - to provide a better understanding of the relationship between formal and non-formal education - to encourage the language diversity and intercultural awareness According to the operating objectives of Erasmus+, the project includes: - to create a wide net of international contacts - to stimulate the active participation in society - to develop European conscience, inclusion and integrity The objectives of the project are: - to achieve better results from the educational activities at school - to modernise and optimise the educational process - to cultivate the spirit of national and european values with the teenagers - to support the solving of unsolved problems so far, namely: absence from school without reason, failing from school, unsuitable communication and sometimes, lack of communication. The project is necessary to respond to the following needs: - continuous work with reference to citizen education - creating communicative skills in students - supporting mutual understanding, socialising young people and teaching them in tolerance - satisfying the needs of contemporary and modern school, able to cope with the challenges of social dynamics. Tje project will be accomplished in the period of one year.