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Team works better
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Team works better is a project of mobility of young people and youth workers, and it is built on our previous project called Let's play. In this project we want to focus on developing key competencies to teamwork, because we consider this competence as a necessary for successful functioning in the community and society, including the successful integration into the labor market. The current educational system pushes young people to become more competitive and comparing to each other. Young people can see the differences between individual team members more as risk and the cause of conflict, than an opportunity for synergistic effect, the group can achieve if its members can cooperate together.Our aim is to organise a training course for youth workers, focused key competencies for teamwork development through games and non-conventional sports activities and then together with them to realise youth exchange focused on the development of youth cooperation in international groups.The main objective of the project is to teach youth workers how to use gaming principles to develop competence to teamwork and to show young people that the game is, besides fun, also an effective way to develop the skills needed for their entry into the labor market.There will be young people and youth workers participating in both activities from the following countries: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia and Romania.The training course is designed for 33 youth workers, three representatives from each country.As part of the training course youth workers will closely describe the competence to teamwork and learn how to develop it through various games and non-conventional sports. The training course is primarily used to increase the competence of youth workers in order to gain sufficient insight into current game trends and to be able to choose the best activities for the key competencies for teamwork of young people development.After finishing the training course, for youth workers will test competencies in practice and together with a group of young people who they work with , prepare some team activities and a presentation of their country and culture for following youth exchange.Youth Exchange will follow the training course, the youth workers will arrive as group leaders with young people, who they work with, and prepare together the block of non-conventional team games or sports. At the end of the youth exchange young people organize an event for children from primary school. At the end of the exchange, young people will understand the game not only as a way of entertainment, but also as a useful helper for developing the skills they need to enter the labor market. They will gain the experience of working in international groups. They recognize their role in a team and learn how to use it. They will break their language barrier and learn how to communicate with people from other countries. They will become more tolerant of differences and they will be able to cooperate alsol with young people with fewer opportunities and young people who are in a different age category.Participating organizations will receive trained youth workers, who will have all competencies to implement similar programs for groups of young people, who they work with, in their country.



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