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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The multidisciplinary team of participants in the mobility project includes: - A teacher trained in coaching, who initiated in 2013 a Communication training for 12 school teachers and a school project between the municipality and various local partners in anticipation of the establishment of the French new school rhythms. He wishes to acquire managerial skills in Team Building to lead these projects and in conflict management. - Another teacher already trained in Outdoor Activities has implemented new pedagogies in the field and exchanges with European partners and would like to develop expertise in the fight against school failure. - An Educational Counsellor who initiated international actions, engaged in the implementation of school timetables, and in direct relation with teams and managing potential conflicts, - A School Psychologist working on these projects in terms of relations. Mobility project of our organism, an Elementary School in Toulon, is a pioneer phase spanning the 2014-2015 school year and has three priorities in terms of staff training: 1. Acquire strong managerial skills in Team Building, Leadership, and Management of relationships, conflicts and emotions in order to improve management of the students in the class or school groups but also adults within the educational community. It will thus create the conditions to promote the success of the various projects of the school in relation to local and European partners. 2. Develop innovative projects implementing new strategies based on outdoor activities and the concept of outdoor activities. In leaving abstract situations in the classroom, students are placed in a position to understand and act on its environment and the opportunity to invest in a project in different ways depending on their strengths. We hope to improve learning undertaken by our students in a serene and motivating atmosphere. 3. Developing Internationalization of the school through exchanges between adults and students with European partners. The expected impact on the School is to improve the quality of teaching by a pedagogy of meaningful projects through innovative teaching , implementing teams and local and European partners, and indeed , academic success for students. Among the other schools of the District and the Academy, participants in mobility will share their new knowledge and acquired skills and will disseminate successful projects, strategies and implemented methods. They will be integrated into the training of teachers in the district and serve as resource persons to assist in new projects or assist other institutions to engage in European projects. It is planned to extend this action during the following year, involving the entire teaching staff of the institution in a new European project and initiate a strategic partnership. The school therefore aims to be a major player in its constituency in the framework of European projects, using new innovative pedagogies and projects and mediation to fight against violence.



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