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Teaching methods in Intercultural mixed areas
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The European societies are ethnically and culturally mixed, and the trend is growing. But as societies are becoming more mixed, the conflicts between the people from different nationality, religion, race, background and etc. are increasing. This situation is increasing the demand for extra methods, skills and tools which will be put into practice in order to improve the communication and cooperation for peacefully living together. The general aim of this project is: To Increase the knowledge and understanding about Intercultural communication and cooperation, and bring various teaching methods for transferring that knowledge.More specific objectives coming out from the general aim are: - To recognize the unique importance of each culture, emphasizing shared values and pluralistic identity-To increase intercultural awareness about different communication styles and approaches in multicultural areas by exchanging views and experiences. -To increase their understanding on how stereotypes and prejudices are created. -To promote tolerance, equality and solidarity among different cultures, nationalities, ethnic and religious groups, etc. According to the Human Rights principals. -To develop positive attitudes and behaviors for less discrimination and more positive intercultural relationships.-To experience alternative methods and instruments for intercultural education and intercultural practicing. -To improve participant's facilitation skills and teaching methods.-To plan new projects and activities about intercultural learning which will be implemented in their communities and organizations. -To promote Erasmus+ programme as a tool for mutual learning and cooperation. -To empower the participants to use different formal and non-formal methods in order to improve the educational process. -To develop their computer skills to better project organization and a larger spread of acquired knowledge to wider communities.The project will gather 34 participants, 1 trainer, 1 assistant trainer and 2 logistic person from 6 countries. The core activity of the project is 9 days long training course. There they will discover different communication styles and various pedagogical methods in order to increase awareness about the positive aspects of the Interculturality and make an impact for more inclusive society.Project target group are: NGO trainers and facilitators, and teachers in high schools, who are working in culturally mixed environments, directly with youth and are willing to empower individuals about the positive aspects of Interculturality. Methodology:The training will be build up on participatory based approach where the participants will have a chance during the whole training to experience various teaching methods and approaches. In the last days they will have a space for individual skills simulation which will lead to improvement of their interactive skills. Envisaged Impact and long term benefit:- Stimulation for using various creative teaching methods in all the learning fields.- Contribution in increasing the intercultural learning and intercultural communication, especially between the young people in Europe. -Enforcing the respect of the Human Rights principles.-Because the participants will be the ones who are already working with youth. If we say that each participant of the training course is working with minimum 30 youth per day we have dissemination to 900 people per one day. This is 18000 people per months (20 work days), and 162000 per year (9 months).Future cooperation between the organizations will be developed, thus communication and exchange of ideas and best practices will increase. -The participants will be motivated to be leaders in the group, they will take active roles in the presentations and simulations and by this means their self-confidences will develop. The individuals whose knowledge, understanding, teaching approaches, skills, creative spirit and thinking skills are increased, will create opportunities for the regions they live in. The young coming from the different countries In spite of all the differences will have a chance of experience the joy of acting together and defining the common values. This will contribute for increasing the thought of European citizenship. They will become aware of the fact that they play active roles in forming the current and the Europe in the future. Products:-Creation of manual for youth workers - Implemented at least one campaign and one project- Shared the manual to the local schools, NGO’s and local and national governments. - Promoted the Erasmus+ possibilities for the youth and youth workers.-The project manual, videos, pictures, brochure, will be posted on the websites, blogs, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter and Instagram profiles.



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