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Teaching in the digital age
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The general objective of our project “Teaching in the Digital Age” is to increase the quality of VET education by motivating teachers of maths and vocational subjects to use modern methods of teaching with a strong support of digital media. In our project we want to initiate a process of continuing professional development of teachers and independent learning by joint work among teachers of partner schools and thus to help teachers through informal learning by sharing experience and good practice of all partners to integrate IT in teaching/learning more intensely and to introduce new pedagogical methods essential for teaching in the digital age. Three to five teachers fo each partner school will participate in this partnership. At least one teacher of maths and three to four of vocational subjects according to the study programme of each partner school. In compliance with the vision of 21 century education - learning anywhere, anytime, through any device, with a support of anyone - we can indicate trends accelerating educational technology adoption in schools and important developments in educational technology. Among major trends belong: the changing role of teachers as a result of ICT influence, an increasing focus on open educational resources and on stimulating new models of teaching and learning practices using both traditional and virtual methods. Technological developments that can support these drivers of innovation and change are cloud computing and tablet computing that will make use of services such as Google Apps for Education, Skype and Dropbox. The important part of the project activities will be five learning/teaching/training activities/workshops focused on job shadowing, sharing information about using flipped classroom and cooperative learning, and on how to create e-learning materials (e.g. podcasts). During the project and on its completion we will develop educational and methodical digital learning materials for supporting cooperative learning and flipped classroom with the use of ICT created in native languages. Some of them will be translated in English (podcasts, video lessons). The important material created by joint work will be the Position Paper summarizing results from SWOT analyses on using digital media and teaching/learning methods where we declare our position about how the effective education should be, what can be improved, how can we contribute to it. The main benefit from the project for teachers will be knowledge of other and new options for use of information and communication technologies in education, the implementation of new methodological approach and higher motivation for further study. The teachers acquire competences to use new teaching methods and digital tools. Improved international teamwork and broadened their personal horizons will be another benefit. Another profit will be establishing new relations that can lead to further continuation of foreign cooperation. The schools will increase quality of teaching/learning vocational subjects by implementing innovative methods and practices in VET, increase their prestige, open themselves to more intensive international cooperation. Through e-learning materials for which the topics will be chosen by companies, the real activities and problematics of those companies will be transfered to school and thus students will get to know more about their future possible employers and jobs. Teachers involved in the project want to develop opportunities which this project has offered them and want to keep on using flipped classroom, cooperative learning and digital media (smart boards etc.) after the end of the project.



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