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Teaching European Union as a model of integration
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project presents an opportunity to encourage skills and knowledge on the European integration process and to enhance scientific resources and academic activities about the EU law and policy related studies for students (graduate and post-graduate) in different areas of knowledge (international relations, economics, biology, medicine etc). Applicants are proposing the implementation and offer of courses on EU Law, institutions and policies. These courses will be primarily based on lectures covered by the Jean Monnet Chair. The main goal of the proposal is not only to introduce students to the theory underlying EU Law, but also to provide them with relevant expertise to apply knowledge tools (eg. methods of case-studies, direct studies,etc.). Courses would be delivered in different semesters and would enable a progressive development of the students’ understanding of EU law, institutional system and policies. In addition, the targeted courses would be introduced as complement to the already existing general course on regional integration, which mostly covers EU integration. The Jean Monnet Chair would also support student teams in some competitions, such as the European Law Moot Court. Furthermore, the project is aimed at covering research activities on specifics topics, such as environmental protection and social cohesion. UFMG is able to host conferences and workshops to discuss the role of EU in the global world. Moreover, applicants will prepare materials (CD-ROM, book and website) in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The courses will also benefit students from other universities, as well as the growing number of foreign students in Minas Gerais. Finally, since the Law School of UFMG is one of the most important Brazilian law schools at federal level according to the Ministry of Education, the opportunity to resort to the Jean Monnet Chair represents a stepping stone toward the consolidation of UFMG as leading institution in EU studies in South America.