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Teaching Entrepreneurial Approach

REASONThe Hungarian labor market and HE institutes constantly communicate that the secondary graduates lack of important competencies.Surveys (jointly done by IKSZE) show that the most required competencies in the labor market are: problem solving, cooperation, ability to change and to learn, self-reflection, responsibility, creativity. These competencies are rated above professional competencies. And Hungarian students unfortunately are not good in them at all.These competencies correspond well with the entrepreneurial approach definition of the European Commission in „2006 Rec on Key Competences for LLL”.A survey of National Association of Young Entrepreneurs shows that less than 4 percent of 2.3 million Hungarian youth (15-34) dare to start own enterprises, which by international standards is a shocking rate. Considering the fact that SMEs' success is the engine of economic growth, the serious shortage of young Hungarian entrepreneurs threatens our economy.Regarding to EU directives to develop these competencies, countries need to make entrepreneurial approach an integral part of the Curriculum already in secondary level and vocational schools.AIMSThe goal of our project is to make teachers able to implement the development of entrepreneurial approaches into their subject’s pedagogical practice. After agreeing in the definition of entrepreneurship - we have to shift from 'how to run a business' to how to develop a general set of competences applicable in all walks of life. A great number of Hungarian teachers are not ready for this and definitely need help.We strictly want to proceed step by step, firstly to create the circumstances of real development in schools, among teachers by tailor-made mini development processes. Later for the teacher training we have chosen to adapt a European and world-wide known and long-standing model, the NFTE model. With which we are assuring that teachers graduating from our course will be able to apply their gained knowledge in their own education field.MAJOR RESULTS-adapted vocational teacher training course on implementing entrepreneurial approach-2 researches, 2 mobilities, 3 meetings-a train the trainer and 2 pilot trainings-a big joint event and conference-draft National Youth EE Strategy-a network of teachers using the method and sharing their experiences supporting their own constant development-extensive QA, dissemination and valorization to ensure sustainability of the prgTHE PARTNERSHIPIKSZE provides vocational trainings and advisor services in Hungary and have been running different teacher workshops and trained entrepreneurial approach topics for years. From the NFTE-network we have chosen the Austrian organization, represented by the teachers of KPH, who are the most-experienced in NFTE-prg adaptation and train the trainers; and the Bulgarain NHSFB, who has own experience in the adaptation. We also collected a wide and complex Hungarian partnership: trainers, employers, chamber



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