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Teaching around the World
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the Youth Centre we work with children and youngsters, who are facing social problems every day. Many of them are having unemployed parents, or the youngsters themselves are unemployed, and do not see the way out from this situation. Many of the kids belong to the Hungarian minority, and many of them are Roma, for whom integration is not easy. Lot of them are from the local children's home, who also has their every-day's problem...In this cultural environment - Slovak, Hungarian and Roma youngsters - we try to motivate the youngsters with the help of EVS volunteers to learn, so for example they do not finish the education in the primary school, but learn more. We show them good examples of healthy lifestyle, organize for them different indoor and outdoor activities, etc. Into these activities we try to put also different methods of non-formal education. All these activities has a good effect on the visitors of the Youth Centre, but also on the EVS volunteer, who has a grate chance to learn a lot during 12 month active volunteering.Nowadays people can travel, but usually they do not know enough about other countries, cultures, and the people living there. This is the reason, why they often have prejudges. With the EVS program we give a big chance to the youngsters to participate in projects, to check, how can they learn something new, how can they adapt in a new situation, between different people and culture. Of course EVS is not positive only for the youngster, who participates, but also for those, who are involved into a project: in our case we can talk about a really big community: it has benefits for the volunteers, for the youngsters from the local schools, the kids from children’s home, and also their parent, relatives, and of course to all members of the Youth Center. I think it is very important, that they live together in a community, and learn from each other about each other…



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