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Teacher Professional Development
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project 'Teacher Professional Development'Jurmala Alternative School is considered to be a small school where currently are learning 164 pupils and working 29 teachers. According to the European Development Plan, the school needs to acquire new competences in terms of professional development, European dimension and improvement of ICT skills, which would result in the diversity of teaching methods and approaches thus improving the overall quality of educational process as well as the motivation of pupils. Since the school implements an in-depth teaching of foreign languages (namely English and Russian), foreign language teachers would be the ones who directly would implement and disseminate the project results. One of the teachers will take part in the in-service training courses by experiences International Study Programmes, Ltd in the United Kingdom and is expected to share the benefits of her training with other colleagues in her school, as well as in the area through teachers' association. After the course, the teacher will have increased her awareness of teaching methodology and cultural diversity, as well as improved her language competences. It is expected, that the teacher will have gained greater understanding of Education systems throughout Europe and will have increased her ICT skills. Considering the above, this would lead a positive, motivational impact to the learners by improving their knowledge, skills and competences not only in foreign languages but also in general. As a subsequent activity would be mentioned an idea of launching international projects using eTwinning in order to develop communication and cooperation between different schools. This would raise the pupils' awareness of cultural diversity in Europe and their own national identity, as well as improve their ICT and English skills in a meaningful real-life situations. Considering all above, the possibility to take part in an Erasmus+ and acquire new competences would be for thebenefit of the school, teaching staff and pupils, as well as for the school's further strategic development, locally, nationally and even internationally.



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