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Teacher Mobilities meet future demands
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The municipality of Varberg is facing a future with a lot of changes. The city will be changed into a completely different place when the railway, the harbour and the ferry terminal are moved and a new city district will be developed. The development is part of the infrastructure program of EU - with focus on transport and communication. In order to meet the demands of this labour market we need to educate the students and give them an education with the conditions and qualifications they need for a road into higher studies and a way into the European employment market. Due to that we have a need to prevent early withdrawals from school and encourage students to complete their education and deepen their language and literacy skills, expand their mathematical capacities and entrepreneurial learning. Entrepreneurial learning, sustainable development and internationalisation will be a natural part in the education and result in an upgraded education making the students ready to meet the demands and qualifications that a future society requires from its citizens. It is important that our students graduate with a high level of education and are well prepared for further studies and working life. Coincidently we acknowledge a need to update and develop the educators’ knowledge and didactics, get new co-operations within the schools, with the local commercial industrial life and the municipality of Varberg. We also need to develop our contacts with organisations and schools outside of Sweden. Therefore we will carry out job shadowing at schools that focuses on different methods in teaching literacy, language didactics, internationalism and entrepreneurship. We will participate in different courses that meet our needs in our development plan regarding IT in school, literacy and language skills, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development from a global perspective. Entrepreneurial learning and sustainable development are both part of the EU2020 general goals. We will now make a vigorous effort in our different school units and have recruited “first teachers” that will develop the educational goals from EU 2020,“Vision 2025”- the municipality of Varberg’s own development plan and our own European development plans. This application is part of a long-term and on-going process to reach the goals on a local as well as on a global level. In the long term our efforts will lead to a better education, increased literacy and language skills, better mathematical skills, an understanding of the transnational society, an understanding in how to develop a sustainable future and an increased employability. In the short term will the teachers’ increased knowledge result in better teaching methods, make the students choose to study languages, give the students opportunities to achieve better result, more students will fulfil their education and better prepared for further studies. This work will be part of our daily routine both in short and in the long run. All our activities will be impregnated by a formative approach where the learners will be participating in their own learning process. Activities such as: reading and literacy projects, modern languages, entrepreneurial learning, mathematical projects, language focus in all subjects and sustainable development. The internationalisation will make us advance quicker with trends that already have been proven useful in other places. Increased mobility means references that we can share and develop in our schools but and in the municipality. Accordingly with the general goals of EU2020 are we emphasising entrepreneurship in all kind of education to increase the quality and the results in our educations. This project will prevent early withdrawal, increase the employability, give improved language skills, European Citizenship, language focus in all subjects, entrepreneurial learning and sustainable development. The elementary focus will be that our developing activities are high-quality work for everyone. Not only the participating teacher (mobilities) are able to participate in the activities/development. Everyone will be given an opportunity to implement and develop the new knowledge. Conferences, dialogues, meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations are examples of how we will share the information all over the schools and the municipality. The project will be shared on Facebook, e-Twinning, the UF-page and in the local papers. Learners, teachers and other staff will evaluate the new experiences with questioners, self-assessment of own goals and dialogues. Since we are aiming for a long-term development will we be using statistics (grades, SCB, employment, further studies). The group in charge of the project will be responsible for all agreements, insurances, economy, the follow-up, evaluation and reports.



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