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"Tea, books and the garden"
Date du début: 12 août 2015, Date de fin: 12 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project ”Tea, books & the garden" responds to current local and international situation - declining tolerance between cultures and big disinterest of young people in the creative use of leisure time. Project is shaped out for volunteer from Spain who will spend 12 months in Laja Foundation, in Cieszyn. The volunteer will be involved in the projects currently run by Laja Foundation. We want the volunteer to support our organization in our main activities: - Tea Festival (in june 2016 we will organize 8th editions)we prepare this event whole year. This is big multicultural 2 days long festival, wtch over 30 different workshops, concerts, traveler's lectures, tea degustations) and many more. Every year we have more than 2000 hosts from Poland, Czech Rep. and Slovakia. Over 50 local volunteers who support us during those 2 days. - traveler’s lectures (at least 3 times per month) - workshops: tea degustations, youth workshops, education throught the art, creative recycling, workshops focused on multicultural topics (once per week) -Library for all- the project is focus on three main activities: 1.English Library- we have over 500 books in english in our library in the tea house. The volunteer will be responisble for promotion and running the system of the renting, remind about returning, also they will be delivering the books to our readers with disabilities, elderly people, young mothers etc. Also he wil be responsible for searching new books for the library. 2. Book club-reading session and debates . English reading sessions for kids. 3. Creative workshops related to book culture (for example book binding) - Gardens without the borders- every year we organize and take care of the mobile/city garden. For this project we get the found from the city hall. In this initiative are ivolved a lot of local people, as well from Poland as from czech side of the city. Laja together with another two organisations is responsible for implementing of the project as well as coordinating. Urban gardening is initiative that needs care and responsible people to let the idea grow. This project including also: workshops connected to eco education, premaculture, veganism, and creative recycling. - Flying jurta- it is an event for kids during the summer time, once or two times per holidays we organize workshops during the whole week (from 9:00- 14:00) in the yurta (mongolian traditional house), local kids participate in the art workshops, creative recykling workshops, vegan workshops, games, thai chi and many many more. -Enjoy your rights- project on Human Rights in relation to global challenges such diversity, multiculturalism. Promotes the development of civil society. It is 2 weeks camp for youth connected to human rights- here we also would like to involve volunteers to support us. - helping in Laja Tea House (depends on day and activities) especially during the events. Volunteer will learn about the tea culture, how te serve it in traditional way. - promote European Voluntary Service and Youth in Action programme in the university in Cieszyn and local schools. Part of activities will be helping with some office works, necessary to function. Writting short articles about what is done and promoting the organization will be very welcome. At the same time, we want to give each volunteer the opportunity for self-fulfillment. We will support them in the implementation of his/her own ideas. Volunteer will have full support from the sending and hosting organization, project coordinator and his/her personal mentor. He will be able to discuss any difficulty. Through our project volunteer will: - learn tolerance and get know what does it mean to be minority and how it is to be in the middle of different culture - learn to be independent (they will be may be for the first time abroad without family or friends) - learn new skills and get practice in work with kids/youth - learn Polish language and improve communication skills By learning new skills and new language he/she will get better opportunities to find new job Through our project local community will: - get know other culture by meeting in unformal situations - learn tolerance, cooperation and comunication with someone from different culture - learn about different country - have opportunity to learn new language. We would like our volunteer to prepare at the end of their staying a short brochure about their EVS, with instructions and advices for future volunteers. Volunteer will get Youth Pass at the end of their EVS. First of all the proposed EVS project clearly fosters young people sense of European Citizenship, in the meaning that it allows the volunteer to take initiatives, experience culturally others and raise awareness about themselves.



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