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Targeting Functional Tendon Regeneration Using a Loaded Biomimetic Scaffold. An Integrated Pan-European Approach (TENDON REGENERATION)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2010, Date de fin: 31 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This industry-academia proposal addresses the development of technology which will enable understanding of regeneration of injured or degenerated tendons. Biomimetic fibrous composites will be designed and developed that will mimic the structure of native tendons. The project objectives are to fabricate an optimally stabilised and effectively functionalised three-dimensional collagen-resilin composite scaffold to match the properties of native tendons. Evaluation of the optimally stabilised and effectively functionalised biomimetic constructs will be conducted in vitro (cell studies, structural and mechanical properties) and in vivo (small and large animal studies). Using textile technologies, we aim to fabricate fibre extrusions that will allow future commercialisation of the three-dimensional biomimetic construct. In meeting the scientific and technological objectives of the IAPP Programme, an inter-sectorial academic industry multidisciplinary approach will be taken which maximises the potential offered by contemporary technologies This IAPP Programme will foster increased scientific dialogue between academics, industry and clinicians. One of the key benefits will be the transfer of key scientific and experimental knowledge between the institutions enabling the consortium to widen the scope of their work, beyond what is available within their own institution and merge the available technologies. This programme will provide training of both seconded and recruited staff, both in the host and parent institutions. This training will include experimental, communication and project management skills. Platform technologies developed during the lifetime of this project will result in future joint applications by partners in the consortium to the FP7 Health and FP7 NMP programmes.



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