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Tangential Impulse Detonation Engine (TIDE)
Date du début: 1 août 2013, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed project aims at designing, manufacturing and building of a demonstrator for a new engine concept. The new concept replaces the usual turbine of a classical turboengine by a number of Pulse Detonation Combustors (PDC) placed on a disk that rotates under the tangential impulse provided by the exhaust jet of the PDC. The rotating disk is coupled, through a shaft, to the compressor that is placed upstream of the PDC in order to raise its inlet pressure. Two solutions will be considered for the engine propulsion: a propeller, coupled, via a gearbox, to the PDC shaft, or by using the reactive thrust of the PDC exhaust jet, directed at an optimal angle. The PDC inlet with be equipped with aerodynamic valves that control the air entrance into the PDC, thus allowing a significant increase in the detonation frequency, allowing for noise reduction and reduced dimensions. The demonstrator, consisting of a single, fixed, PDC equipped with a fuel injection and ignition system designed for the requirements of the engine concept, will be tested on an experimental facility in order to demonstrate the PDC capability to provide enough power to meet the requirements of the compressor, with sufficient reserve for powering to propel the host aircraft. The project also proposes the design and numerical simulation of the engine compressor, adapted to the requirements of the new engine, most importantly the high vibration load and oscillatory back pressure under which the compressor operates. A last objective of the project is to provide a full definition of the engine constructive solution and a numerical simulation of the flow through the engine that will allow the estimation of the engine performances. The new emerging technology is expected to provide a significant increase in the engine's thermodynamic cycle maximum temperature and efficiency, a drastic reduction in its weight and specific fuel consumption, and a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.



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