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Tam Zamanlı Eğitim: Ailenin Eğitime Dâhil Edilmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Educational institutions, educational activities need to develop continuous and regular relations with the environment in which to perform successfully. Because education is not just a process that occurs at school. Family in this process is the most effective in terms of education outside of the school environment. The aim of the project, our school students to become integral part of the parents of the education system, continuous family relationships with the school, functional, student-centered to move to a line and improve students' individual qualifications of the staff in our schools to improve achievement and to increase the institutional capacity of the school. Specifically, the project aims to improve the communication skills of our staff, between staff to teach alternative family participation in the road, family and school communication of EU countries show how the personnel to acquire professional vision abroad, with a course and job monitoring activities structured in school-family relations staff complement at a glance There is to gain respect. Our project, the school our staff of 10 people before Germany in the school-family relationships, the role of the family's educational process, including the families of the educational process factors of different and innovative methods, effective communication to take a course that is configured including the technical then the same 10 employees of a job monitoring in Hungary comprises making mobility. Of 2 and 20 mobility activities will be carried out. Participants Republic Sarıoğlan serving the district of Kayseri is composed of medium-sized primary school directors and teachers. Because most of the staff are the primary level teacher training. Due to the Ministry of Education, all legislation and generally finish their four-year degree is a graduate teacher training department of the university. There is all pedagogic formation. All the participants in addition to the Europass Mobility Document: Certificate of our school project -Project own institutions Certificate of attendance from the host project partners outside -Yurt Our -language district adult education center that will perform the preparation of the English language training certificate are 4 certificates will be taking. The expected effects of our project, our school, our teachers and our school administrators are presented in a format that evaluated together: 1 will be equal to that persons with a professional approach to subjectivity away from students and parents. 2. All students and parents will learn the extent of vocational and skills would be beneficial to the school. 3. The school is not only for students, parents, and also to other members of the community to consider that the training center and will make the necessary guidance and social work in this direction. 4. Students who consider that their parents are different from students, families and act on advice rather than authoritarian style makers, to increase student achievement and able to cooperate with them about what to do to improve schools 5. be able to develop and informative content router in an efficient way for parents to evaluate their school-parent meetings. Thus, child development and education and so on. the missing aspects of the subject, students will be able to provide parents noticing. 6. thought to be due to school-family-communication "believe in the school's benefit, parents threads should see me in the meetings and to carry the belief they will correct the student failure" as able to develop communication skills for the elimination of prejudices. 7. Students will be able to organize informational programs for parents. 8. school success will be able to communicate with whatever each student a different intelligence field can thrive and beliefs with parents of students can develop specific skills, this being to destroy the hope of families with low school achievement in its true light and learn to avoid behaviors that may lead to a small decrease in the community. 9. official weather prevailing in schools, to reflect on interviews with parents what is valued to be done and parents will learn how to feel. 10 child development and education of the parents, to determine the need for school-family collaboration and interaction, on the needs identified will learn to conferences and seminars organized 11. The school social environment, economic, information and data collection concerning factors that can be effective with the cultural structure, will learn to use in communication with the family and interpretation of the data obtained 12 may indicate the value of being a parent families, responsible and will develop communication skills to impart a sense of being a citizen participants. Our project will improve the long term success of students in school.



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