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!Talk less, do more!, !habla menos, haz más!
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The «Talkless, do more» EVS project seeks to take in two young people, one from Italy and another one from Bosnia. The activities will take place in «Las Rozas de Madrid», Spain, in the head quarters of “Adefis Youth International” during a 10 month period. The first participant to do the activity will be the Italian volunteer, from 1 September 2016 to 1 July 2017; the participant from Bosnia will join in on 1 December 2016 until 1 October 2017.The volunteers will join the program consecutively. This way, the first one will be of a great help to the new comer, teaching imfitin to the new surroundings.During their long-term EVS Project, the main aim will be the integration and socialization of the youngsters in the new society. Learning to appreciate and ´deal with´ the new customs, habits, and everyday life of people in Las Rozas, and Spain in general, will be the basis of a productive EVS both for the volunteers and the organization. They will try to find and compare the differences and similarities between Bosnian, Italian and Spanish culture, and share their own experiences as well. They will try to break the barriers and prejudices, and be aware of the different point of view of every European country. This is a very important process because this way, by offering their support and collaboration in domestic and European courses, their sense of belonging to the European Union will start to increase, as well as their acquisition of responsibilities as citizens of such a Union.Not only it will help them in their personal development, but also the volunteers will be directly involved in the contribution of the local Urbana read envelopment support, since the basis of the Project lies in encouraging social abilities and competences of unemployed people in the region, raising awareness in the sphere of European citizenship and urban development.We have numerous local and international volunteers that will be always available to teach them to collaborate in the headquarters, show the moor work and our activities, and most of all help them feel comfortable in the new way of life. We also have people in charge for any kind of problem that may occur, so the volunteers would constantly have someone to rely on and ask for help and advice. In our project we want the volunteers to feel comfortable and learn good practices, competencies and skills. To transmit their positive energy to other youngsters who are in need of support.Our project´s goalies to encourage youngsters who have struggles finding a job and employment, to never give up and broad en their views and search through all the possibilities. To acquire new competences and abilities, which will help them to be more open minded and easily adaptable to any kind of change, so they could follow the path to a better Europe. The three main work areas of the Project, which are youth work, language Exchange, and cultural Exchange, are base don caring commitment within the environment and the principle of living in community as a who le .The objective desire is volunteers to get involved in the following activities: collaboration on developing and running the organization; sense of teamwork; non formal education.The profiles made up by innovative and creative Young people, who will be given the opportunity to experience the value of multiculturalism, the appreciation of the unknown, respect for diversity and the promoting of sustainable development. This way they perform of their activity will be facilitated with in this cope of a safeguarding human rights society, as well as peaceful, fair and egalitarian.The volunteers will collaborate to gather with the organization’s staff. They will be supported with an initial evaluation seminar, on arrival, and with another intermediate evaluation seminar, this last one conducted by the «Agencia National Española». Furthermore, they will be taught a three-hour Spanish course per week throughout tall the process. The whole of the activities will be coordinated and guided by both the sending and host organizations.



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