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TALENT ( Training Of Adult Learners' English Teachers) Yetişkinlerde İngilizce Öğretiminde Metod ve Yaklaşımlar
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Public Education Centers are non-profit adult education institutions providing free education and having important roles at the local and regional development throughout the history of the Republic. PECs complete formal education as the leading factors of non-formal education.They pursue a career by offering a second chance for our citizens who had to leave formal education for various reasons and contribute to their socio-cultural development. Although it varies according to the provinces the average number of participants is over 10.000 .Because foreign languages improve the vision of the individuals and contribute to their professional profiles, Foreign Language Teaching courses are the most preferred ones.As it is the most widely spoken language in 73 countries by 1 billion people for trade, commerce, science, diplomacy, the arts and the internet, English LanguageTeaching is among the most preferred courses. Because traditional teaching and assessment methods are used in education in our country, problems are being experienced in foreign language education . The educational backgrounds of English or Foreign Language Teaching staff in the PECs are also different. All of the permanent teachers have pedagogical training , but despite the priority given to pedagogical training in the selection of the assigned instructors , according to the formal education regulations intensive participants having undergraduate degree in English can teach English.Our country is focused on the teaching of foreign language students in the formal education process , including English first given in -service training or in the current higher education program. Given training on teaching foreign languages to adults is limited to paid training provided by private educational institutions. English and foreign language teachers working in PECs gives the foreign language education through their experiences learnt by trial and error method. Teachers who transfer to our institution from elementary or secondary schools are not be able to understand the requirements of adult education and have problems in the curriculum planning and teaching. This also reveals the necessity to take on in-service training of teaching a foreign language to adults.The main goal of the teacher trainig course about the Methods and Approaches of teaching English to adults for 4 weeks in the UK which is prepared by the partnership of Turkey's three public education centers with different participant profiles from different regions (Istanbul Kadikoy HEM, Adana Republic HEM, Afyon Karahisar HEM) is to lead to an increase in quality of foreign language education through training of instructors. Because the course given in the United Kingdom focuses on the needs and psychosocial characteristics of adults , the teachers participating in the course will be able to share their experience and expertise with other teachers in their institutions and as a result of this , the course will contribute to the dominance of an innovative approach on the need of institutions overall atmosphere. However, as a result of training in the United Kingdom , teachers will be involved in self education given by exchanging ideas with other colleagues in the adult education institutions from other countries. Thus , they will be able to analyze the areas in which they have problems. The teachers will be able to revise the contents of curriculum they use in parallel to innovations and developments in the field of education they receive and within the framework of local needs. The teachers involved in the Project will carry out a series of activities to achieve these objectives. First the English teachers in all institutions involved in the Project will apply two course evaluation questionnaires to the trainees before and after the training to determine the existing conditions. Administered questionnaires will enable to analyse what kind of increase occurs in the qualification of the teacher before and after the project. These results will be used as an announcement in different scientific platforms used in the evaluation report. Project activities and project reports renewed regularly will be published by the links prepared on the institutions’ web site. The book containing the sections from the teachers’ training in the UK and the activities which the English teachers can use in their courses will be distributed to all PECs in Turkey. The teachers involved in the training in the UK will organize in-service training activities primarily for English and foreign language teachers in their institutions and then they will organize 1-week in-service training activities in İstanbul, Afyon and Adana because of the protocol made with Provincial Directorate of National Education In-Service Departments