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“Take your chance”
Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 3 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim of the Project “Take Your Chance” was to foster the creativity, cooperation and common understanding amongst youngsters from different countries, involving disabled and disadvantaged youngsters. Project Aim: The Project aim was to offer disadvantaged youngsters’ possibility to broaden their horizon, to become acquainted with different cultures and learn new skills, using as a tool sport and creative activities. During the project youngsters could participate in the workshops, co-creation and implementation of the project side by side with the group leaders. During the project youngsters were able to participate in the co-creation and implementation of the project as well in 5 creative workshops and sport activities and obtain new skills, knowledge and experience. The project was implemented in two activities: 1. Advance Planning Visit - Youth Exchange from June 15th to 18th, 2015 2. Youth Exchanges - Partner Countries activities from 19th to 30th July, 2015 Project implementation time: 04-05-2015 - 04-02-2016 Project place: Sigulda, Latvia Involved Project organizations: 1. NGO “Aicinājums Tev”, Latvia – coordinating and receiving partner 2. “Cooperativa Sociale Muovimente", Italy – Project partner 3. Association “Georgian Youth for Europe”, Georgia – Project partner 4. Association „The Starry Start of Talents Foundation”, Bulgaria – Project partner 5. Association „East-West Mutual Understanding", Poland – Project partner Project participants: The total number of involved participants was 30 (thereof 4 participants and 2 group leaders from 5 countries each). The age of participating youngsters was from 18 to 30 and they had mixed backgrounds, including students, employees, unemployed as well as youngsters without any accomplished education or profession. Project activities: 1. Advance Planning Visit (APV) In order to ensure a smooth and stable partnering during the project, there was planned and carried out a Project planning visit (PPV), whose main aim was to get acquainted with the local living conditions, safety and client profiles and needs at the receiving organization as well as to plan jointly the project activities and visit the project sites. Country group leaders were choosing the workshops, of which content and organization each country group was taking responsibility for the course of the project. Also an overall project planning, e.g. planning and division of tasks and responsibilities concerning activities, financing and project administration were discussed and assigned. 2. Youth Exchange activities This was the project implementation phase, where all the planned activities were carried out in groups or individually. 1. „Creative workshops” – e.g. handicrafts, improvisation theater, dances, singing, photo, creation of a blog; 2. Sport activities; 3. “Ginger bread workshop” – this was a special activity, linked to the Christmas traditions and giving chance to all participants to taste and make ginger bread according to the country specific recipes Project outcomes and results Youngsters got the chance to acquire new skills and experience through the workshops and communication with participants from other countries, to practice foreign languages and how to work in a group. They could also learn and practice, how to cooperate, identify priorities, set and achieve goals. Youngsters have received Youthpass certificate, where are stated the skills, knowledge and practice, obtained during the project As project results can be mentioned: - Music and dance performances; - Photo and handicraft work exhibition; - Creation of an internet blog Benefits and long term impact of the project All partner organizations have intention to collaborate also in the future, which can be again joint volunteering projects or some other joint activities. Materials, developed during this project, can be used in other project or everyday work of the receiving organization. Experience and know-how, gathered during the project, will be disseminated on the local and national level among other non-governmental organizations, both motivating youngsters to participate in volunteering and exchange projects as well as to receive volunteers from other countries in their organizations.



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