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Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 4 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project idea was born for us, quite unexpectedly, in the company of young people, in an informal atmosphere at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University organized Career Day. Banded together we began to discuss an event organized by the pros and cons. Gradually the discussion was born the idea of ​​the main event - the wealth of young people in career choice. The addressees of the event shared their thoughts what they lack the proper choice of the event offered professions spectrum. Codified the statements made during the debate, we've implement this project. The main objective of the project - to help a young person make the right choice and the scope of the specialty in which he could develop his potential. When all the theoretical tools have been tested, it is only practical professions and activities knowing that the young man would finally decide in which direction he should turn the way of life. The project was not pursued by knowingly consenting adults alumni who loke like this issue at the moment is. We believe that in these times of learning rather focus on the graduates of what was not before (4-5 years ago) on a specialty or area of choice: on-going debate, consultation with teachers and even psychologists. We were concentrated of the young people (23-25 years old) who have at least one degree in science, but want to continue their studies in a different field, because thing education they have acquired, does not meet their expectations of the advantages of working in a job they do not feel happy, not market themselves. The project idea was implemented in the project highlighted the two activities. The first activities of young people and career tests will help for consultants to choose afford suitable profession. The first activity will be devoted to self-knowledge. Their abilities and expectations stance. Accordingly, the first activity undertaken missions, the young man himself chooses suitable profession where career opportunities. The second activity is to be carried out during the project, the nature of the study. Here the participants will visit a number of organizations which are divided into 5 areas: politics, medicine, education, business, and security. Visit the organization of the project participants will be able to compare each field of the structure, nuances, peculiarities of labor working under their chosen specialty area concerned. This young man will be able to gain an impression of how the quality of their work in a waiting area or another, and so choose the most suitable area. Working group participants will improve communications skills and develop their self-confidence because of their delivery choose need to argue. All exchange program of activities to be filmed, which will later be installed in one-hour film. This film will not only allow participants to don't forget project experienced impressions, but will nedalyvausiems educational project for young people and a great publicity tool for the dissemination of the project participants. Project will be implemented on dates 20-29 of April 2015 in Druskininkai, the APV will be organized on 13-15 of March in Druskininkai.



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