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Take P.Art! To make space for art and youth
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project “Take P.Art!” will take place in Italy in the small town Rofrano in the province of Salerno. Creators and partners on the project are organizations from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Spain and Romania. Each of the partner organization will send 5 participants and 1 youth leader which will represent their country. The main idea of the project is that through 10 days of activity youngsters from 6 European countries, very different by their culture, heritage and background will share ideas on topic of rural development by making art, choosing public spaces and areas to enhancing and delivering artworks to hosting community of Rofrano. The main theme is artistic expression of young people coming from rural areas, interested in rural development, sustainability of small communities and different kinds of (public) arts. Youngsters that will take part in project will thanks to those ideas have more knowledge and experience in creative expression, considering that they will be richer for one skill and several different knowledge outcomes. Project will have insured visibility by the final event planned to be implemented during the ending days of activity and long term impact that will be represented in the artworks exposed at the public room of Santa Maria dei Martiri Church, in the main square of Rofrano and to leave with Rofrano (Municipality, Church, Museum, Youth Center and other public areas). The project also aims to represent and suggest to youngsters idea of open public space as dialogue lab according to public art approch, metaphor to affirm and be worthy the human rights, becoming aware of them. Young people aged between 18 to 26 will have possibility to learn and share experiences through workshops and games, to present their countries and learn about other cultures by debates and intercultural activities, to speak about problematic of rural development by discussions and open space as well as to learn about possibilities that Erasmus + program is providing. Participants will be gender balanced, coming from different ethnical, racial and religious groups with no discrimination towards any of them. Program will be implemented by group leaders that will each have a special expertise on one of the planned project objectives. After the activities will be finished, each group would organize a local workshop on topic of Erasmus + program and present results of our project into their local environment.



5 Participants partenaires