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Take It Out! - Shaping youth commitment against racism
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "TAKE IT OUT! Shaping youth commitment against racism" is part of a long term strategy undertaken by Lunaria and other International organizations and aimed at fighting the racism and xenophobia widespread in our society.The need comes from the acknowledge that racism has being spreading in Europe. The economic crises contributed to the enhancement of social exclusion behaves and attitudes. Racism is taking multiple shapes, and the new media, the web, the social media and Internet contributed to it’s ramification.For this reasons the aim of the project is to develop a deeper awareness on the racism widespread, on its causes, consequences, and on its displays and to develop new tools to fight the phenomenon. In this perspective we will provide the youth workers, the peer educators active all around Europe and a group of young people interested to become, on its own, peer educators, with new methodologies to further improve the quality and the impact of their work. This will reinforce the educational, cultural and social impact of their actions.The project will involve 31 participants, trainers and facilitators.The project is targeted to representatives of the partner organizations, youth workers, peer educators and active volunteers, interested to anti-racism; youth workers and peer educators willing to deepen the theme of hate speech and youth, preferably an heterogeneous group, coming both from migratory backgrounds and not.During the three sub-actions we will realize different laboratories, thematic workshops, work in groups, plenary, interactive presentations, activities to share the good practices, the working methods and the pilot projects in the field of anti-racism, methodological sessions, study visits and two final events.We expect to use the interactive methodologies promoted by the non formal education, which foresee the active involvement of participants in each phase of the project, by promoting the horizontal exchange of knowledge and competences. Furthermore the choice to combine the non formal education with ICT, the work on social media and the use of short videos in stop motion, due to the need to provide participants with new methods to join, in a more dynamic and interactive way, a wider number of young beneficiaries.We expect to achieve the following results: the sensitisation at European level toward the racism and hate speech in and off line widespread; the development of new tools to fight racism at local, national and international level; the involvement of a wider number of beneficiaries.Indeed the different follow up measures aim to multiply the anti-racist action in the different local backgrounds and to join not only the direct beneficiaries, but also the indirect ones and new stakeholders, guaranteeing a sustainable perspective in the long term.



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