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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT: Education is one of the most important aspects for the improvement of lives of young people around Europe, (stated as such in several EU policy documents) as education prepare them for the employability market. According to EUROSTAT, in February 2014, 5.392 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in the EU-28. Youth unemployment rates are generally much higher than unemployment rates for all ages(, so this project wants to address one major aspects of this problem, discussing how innovative, non-formal methods used in youth work can contribute to increasing competences and employability skills of young people in Europe. PROJECT OBJECTIVES: 1. To enrich the personal development opportunities, individual skills and competencies of 32 youth workers from EU countries within a 7 days training course; 2. To create a compendium of at least 10 practices and methods which youth workers may use for helping youth prepare for the employability market. 3. To establish new synergies between the partner promoters of this project and at least 3 other organizations, within at least 5 months after the training course; 4. Increasing the quality of youth workers work and activities in favor of students, trainees and volunteers , gaining new skills and methods in helping them to prepare for the employability market. 5. A broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in non formal education and training in order to gain high-quality learning outcomes for the youth workers. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS It is intended that 32 participants will attend the training and each organization will send four participants (the rest of the people are staff members, facilitators or trainers). The partners will manage selecting the youth who are active youth workers and have involvement in career consultancy or intend to involve in this area. Also, the participants come from disadvantaged economic backgrounds and have fewer opportunities. The partners will ensure that the participants will bring a positive knowledge contribution for themselves, but for the organization as well. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY AND METHODOLOGY The main activity is a training course of 7 days organized with the purpose of preparing 32 youth workers to become or to better prepare in the area of career advising and youth employability. As we showed above, the biggest unemployed category is made by youth. We find vital to straighten the career services for youth. During the training, the facilitators will use a non formal method of teaching based on: ice breakers games, peer work, team tasks, energizer games, presentations, lectures, orientation meeting, group dynamic games, warmers, brainstorming, group discussions and bilateral discussions, case study, fieldworks, group presentations, workshop,individual work, project development techniques (brainstorming, problem analysis techniques, W-H questions, activity and strength analysis). RESULTS: The results of the project are divided into two categories: - tangible results of the project: promotional materials, power-point presentations, presentation folders, course support materials, brochures. - intangible results: experience and learning such as language skills development, openness to other cultures, specific competencies on career advise and youth employability, group dynamics, to live and work in groups, entrepreneurship and creativity, professional development . LONGER TERM BENEFITS This project will be just the start up of other similar courses, but with different topics and different target groups. The participants will develop activities in cooperation with youth organizations throughout Europe, mainly training courses, but also exchanges, seminars, study visits, etc. The clear follow-up activities following this event will be, first of all , the dissemination of the course and its results to all interested stakeholders involved (the participants` organizations and informal groups, the Connections Global UK network and other youth organization in Europe, academic institutions that are connected to the organizations and informal groups that will be present at the training course), and then the concrete activities that will be undertaken by each organization and informal group that benefited from this experience. We truly consider this will be a breaking point for other events organized in the future, and we are confident of the sustainability of this project. The project venue is London and with our partners from the UK, Croatia, Turkey, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Romania and Poland will assure the best training quality and accommodation conditions fitted in the EU requirments. The activity will be held between 05-12 September, 2014.



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