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Take 5 for Europe - Deine Schnittstelle zur Teilhabe
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Content: Pre-Run by young people in the issue of Europe - with special emphasis on participation opportunities for young people target groups: first young people organized in youth associations ; unorganized young people who have already taken part in European policy activities; young people with fewer opportunities; young people with a migrant background / 60 persons Objectives are to promote the participation of young people in political decision-making, and familiarization of young people in Europe. The project refers to the guiding principles of the EU Youth Strategy, and in particular the aims to open young people more opportunities in education and employment to improve their access and to provide them with new opportunities for participation, and to promote the mutual solidarity between society and young people. The Youth councils reaching out explicitly to non-organized young people. The project opens up beyond European impetus for the development of local and regional youth labor landscape in Northern Germany. The cooperation of North German Youth Councils and politicians / representatives of regional governments and the European Parliament contribute cause further the Structured dialogue. Under the main theme participation of young people from the local topics are addressed and discussed up to the regional level, as successful youth participation. Methodical best use is made of labor forms of extracurricular political youth education. Qualified moderators will help. At the start is given the opportunity to approach the topic of Europe youth according to using creative, theater and media educational activity. On the second day the investment projects are embedded in equity presented methods. After that, the young people develop under the guidance of qualified moderators questions, discussion and theses statements together with decisionmaker. In dialogue with the local and regional levels politicians it should then go to the development of common concern, and not a confrontational setting up of receivables. The requirement for a low threshold is fair that the Take 5 - Meeting 'with political representatives and young people in an informal setting takes place (dialogue at eye level). The ultimate objective is concrete agreements between young people, Secretary of governance and the local and regional supporters. The structured dialogue provides a methodological and conceptual for this format that is used on the local, regional, national and European level. It should therefore be further developed and exemplified in the mutual interest of young people and Secretary of administration and politics. This is an important contribution to the strengthening of participation skills in young people and to help shape progressive community on a democratic basis. By guaranteeing a continuous professional and organizational support of the participants of 'Take Five for Europe' addition, the stakeholders of 'Take Five for Europe' sustainability meet.



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