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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Yes for Information and communication technology" was addressed to 6 teachers of classes I-III and IV-VI in School in Nawiady, in the municipality of Piecki, Mrągowo County, Warmia-Mazury Region. The main objective was raising the level of digital literacy of teachers as pre-property of training in integrated and objective teaching. With this goal we wanted to achieve long-term goals: better support and inspire student's creativity and learning, create more efficient learning environment using modern technologies and effectively shape the work and study in the digital environment, working with students, other teachers, parents and the local community. In the project 6 teachers went for a week of training in Finland, along with visits to two similar rural schools. The training was organized in the Finnish city Joensuu by the British company LEAP, specializing in the international improvement of teachers qualifications. After returning from training throughout the school year our teachers implement a knowledge and skills during lessons, while preparing for the exam and gain nationwide Certificate EPP e -Nauczyciel. In preparation they benefited from the continuation of contacts with Finnish and British experts, as well as with other participants through a common web platform. Confirmation that they intentionally and effectively use information and communication technology to modernize their workshop education and increase student achievement, become obtained at the first attempt certificates. What is more, it turned out that with the teachers from Piecki, operating also the project Erasmus +, they are the first teachers in the Warmia-Mazury Region, who came to the exam and won Certificate of e-Teacher. The certificates were presented by the representatives of the Polish Information Processing Society at the end of the school year in both schools. The project has brought not only results in improving the quality of teaching, acclaimed by the examiners, and perceived by pupils, parents and teaching staff of the school. Participation in the project primarily increased self-confidence, openness and creativity in the use of ICT in teaching - it became an indispensable teaching aid. The project also raised the willingness of these and other teachers to further improve the international skills, strengthened motivation for language education and brought further plans to make a step further, which is job-shadowing.