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Tailoring decoherence for controlling spin systems: Deepening foundations; expanding applications (Quantum control)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During the last decades quantum control methods have developed into a central research subject in Physics. Improvements in the understanding of these quantum phenomena are also enabling the use of these effects in a growing number of applications. In particular new control methods have been emerging for extending the life of quantum states and manipulating their targeted transfers, which can influence numerous areas of application ranging from spin-based quantum computers to biological applications. This project is directed to expand this combination of basic principles and applications: starting from hitherto unexplored foundations of quantum control methods for tailoring spin evolutions, I seek to gain a better understanding of these and tailor them to applications in the areas of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging. These dual goals, involving quantum-mechanical basic developments and spectroscopically-aimed applications for chemistry, biophysics and medicine, will be explored in the ideal interdisciplinary environment that the Weizmann Institute offers for these purposes. Towards this end I have established a series of collaborations with both Prof. L. Frydman, an expert on the development of magnetic resonance principles and technologies, and with Prof. G. Kurizki, an expert on the foundations of quantum control. To further enhance the prospects of this interdisciplinary connection, my Humboldt-supported training in the field of quantum control at Dortmund University in Germany under the supervision of Prof. D. Suter, and at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina under the supervision of magnetic resonance experts Profs. P. Levstein and H. Pastawski, put me in a privileged position to get the maximum out of this experience. I trust that with this research stage, I will be able to fulfill my strategic long-term goal to develop novel Physics-based strategies to control spins, that can find new specific purposes in Chemistry and Biology.