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Szkoła otwarta na Europę
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The primary school in Wozniki is located in Silesia region and is attended by 189 pupils. Recognizing the needs of our students, the problems which they face both in the school and in the local environment, the difficulties with which our region is struggling, we want to respond to these issues and to prepare our students for the next stages of their education as well as to prepare them for better understanding of open Europe. The objective of our project is to equip our teachers with language and other professional skills that will enable them to better work with students. We believe that by equipping teachers with appropriate tools and skills, we facilitate interaction with students and help students to engage in more passionate learning. Through this project we want to achieve the following goals: - Improvement of the language skills of our teachers; - Acquiring new skills, knowledge and experience by teachers, who will use them in their work with students; - Building a network of contacts with colleagues from other schools across Europe; - Acquiring knowledge of culture, literature and art; - Development of soft skills (interpersonal communication, coping with stress, working in team) - Improvement of the interaction with students; - Widening of the offer of our school. Ten employees will participate in the project - nine teachers and one administrative employee. All of them will use English language in their daily work. Teachers will assist students in learning English. Teachers will also be able to utilize in their work immense English language educational resources, not available in Polish. The administrative employee will be supervising exchange projects with schools across the European Union. Our staff will participate in language courses and methodology courses taught in English. Specialized courses will cover literature, art and history. We believe that it will help to enrich our school offer, allow us to prepare more attractive activities for our students and help teachers to inspire the students to learn. We are aiming to achieve the following objectives: - Improvement of proficiency in English of our staff - Acquiring of the knowledge of literature and art, which will be used in the classroom; - Increasing of the motivation for learning among students; - Improvement of the results of assessments and external tests; - Improvement of the public perception of the school, in particular among parents and NGOs; - Cooperation with schools and other educational institutions in Europe. A long-term goal of this project is to open our community for international cooperation. We want our students to prepare for the next stages of learning and increase their motivation to continue education. We are sure that the new skills acquired by our teachers will enable us to reach these goals. We also assume that the implementation of this project will be an inspiration for further professional development of the teachers who will participate in this project as well as staff from neighboring schools.